Wednesday 2 May 2012

The Crosses I Bear

The delightful and self-effacing Samantha Brick (for whom, who can have anything but awed admiration?) has come out on the side of A A Gill and his protestations regarding Mary Beard’s appearance on television. You can read her learned essay here and I urge you to do so.

For gifted people like Mary, Samantha and me, things are not as easy as you might believe. All my life I have suffered because of my supreme intelligence coupled with an almost unbelievable athletic prowess. My immense brainpower has caused me to be both envied and shunned by others; others with whom I have to grudgingly share oxygen.

I always emerge victorious, yet many believe I have not properly earned my place in the world. Just because my intelligence surpasses all those around me, this is no reason to make me a figure of hate. I was born special and I remain so, improving with maturity, like a fine wine, acquiring the wisdom of the ages and continuing to hone and perfect my powers.

To those naysayers I offer my sincere commiserations – they are clearly motivated by unchecked jealousy. Some say all I have to do is deploy my effortless charm and things are delivered unto me. I say it’s only my right. When you are as gifted as I am, it is difficult to comprehend the struggles of lesser beings.

For I am multiply blessed, or cursed, as it sometimes feels; with great gifts come great responsibilities. Few will ever know how hard is my lot to bear on all fronts, bestowed, as I am, not only with superior intelligence, but also with rare beauty and grace.

Now please, excuse me, I have a blog to write.

Haha, I Haz Blogged!

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