Wednesday 9 May 2012

Race ya!

Last night the BBC news reported on the trial of the Rochdale Rapists with the words "All but one of the men were of Pakistani origin.” They neglected to mention that the ninth man was an Afghan and more pertinently that ALL of them were from Muslim backgrounds.

Of course, to declare that would have been seen as ‘racist’ as the race relations industry has been utterly triumphant in claiming Islam as a race for its own misguided and highly suspect agenda. If there’s one word that sends the Rozzers into fits of politically correct self-flagellation it’s the deployment of the R-Bomb.

This sort of thinking is grist to the mill of the likes of the abhorrent racist Lee Jasper, as he preaches his doctrine of hate towards all white people, even going so far as to declare that only white people can be racist. Yet the language of the Rochdale defendants is entirely racist when speaking of their victims, who they regard as sub-human and displays utter contempt for the rule of what’s left of British law.

It matters not what the BBC regards as ‘sensitive’ the simple facts are that there has been a spate of such gang-grooming of teenage girls and the two common features are that the gangs have been almost exclusively from Muslim communities and their victims almost exclusively white. Whatever the police want us to think they believe, there is an overt and obvious racially aggravated element and motivation.

Islam is like politics  - you can discriminate unchallenged, mutilate your own young girls, treat your women as chattels and all other women as rape fodder then, if challenged, all you have to do is lie. And keep on lying. (Thanks, Livingstone, Galloway et al) There's nothing the police dare do because, as Jasper keeps saying, brown people cannot be racists. No, but as they’ve amply demonstrated, they have no problem being rapists - what a difference a single letter makes.

Some clown of an apologist for all this then produced some specially massaged statistics declaring that as something like 38% of such crimes were committed by white men and only 25% by Asians, there was no racial element. Well, you can’t pull that if you’re simultaneously trying to lie to us that only 4% of the population are Asian. Oh, of course, it’s race AND politics, I forgot. You are allowed to lie and we are supposed to just take it.

The real face of hatred in Britain 2012

Racism has become such a powerful descriptor that once that particular joker has been played we have no defence. Thus we are hated in our own country even while those who hate us are here to take what we have. What a self-loathing pushover Britain has become. This is the Blair legacy. (Oh, yeah, there's that European business... and the 'war against terror'... ) But don't worry, Tony Bliar's coming back into British politics to apologise for all this and make it better, isn't he?


  1. Well said, reading this brings to mind how concerned we should be for the next generation and how they are being taught to define racism, many times I have sat my boys down to explain varying aspects of what is and what isn't racism; the over-reactive crowd of the P.C. have made our children terrified of even describing the ethnicity of their own friends, unless we address this we are storing up a whole heap of confusion and misinformation, which I fear will end in a wider gulf between us all. I'm not going to mention religion suffice to say that's a whole different can of worms, besides my head might explode.

  2. It seems to be the policy of the woolly-headed inadequates (socialists, social workers, human rights activists, vegetarians, green warriors... the BBC) to brand anything pragmatic as somehow prejudiced in some way. So, trying to reduce our budget deficit is suddenly "extreme right wing, jack-boot persecution of the masses" and trying to maintain decent, normal,civilised British standards of behaviour is "racist".

  3. Clare - sometimes I don't even know how to describe people without fear of being non pc. The world has gone start raving mad! The BBC pissed me off last year when they kept referring to Good Friday as HOLIDAY Friday. In case Good Friday was offensive to some people. Well It was offensive to me! A Church of England person living in , I think I am right in stating a Church of England country? Oh my stars - does that make me racist?????
    PS Bryan . I know. But I don't care!

  4. I really believe we are going to see a lot of civil unrest due to the unrestricted spread of un-English ideas throughout the land and the out-breeding (it's not racist if it's simply true) of our indigenous peoples.

  5. Rachel, thanks x This is where WE are now can you imagine what it's like to be a teenager...? I actually asked my friends ..."how should I describe you, black, coloured, mixed race, Asian etc ?" I get my answer and I stick to it. God forbid I have to ever utter that phrase "but some of my best friends are..." I think some of the tabloids exaggerate the anti-Christian happenings as it plays to our insecurities...but hey, what do I know? I talk as someone who made a conscious decision to stop reading them 15yrs ago.
    Batsby's, "it's not racist if it's simply true" is a prime example of what I have been trying to get over to my boys. (He just said it more succinctly than myself, I shall deal with him at a later date)
    Anyhows 'tis late.
    Thanks for this thought provoking blog postie wotsit.