Monday 25 November 2013

Hobby Horse

Owen Jones wouldn’t like it if he got what he wanted. The very press freedoms and freedoms of speech and commentary that give him a soap box and a decent living would just not be available to him under the system he says he wants, unless of course he was of the ‘more equal than others’ variety. He thinks it would be different if the People’s Assembly were in charge but it wouldn’t be – it would proscribe and limit, restrain and control and ultimately constrain human nature to behave in a way that is simply unnatural.

And the ultimate irony of the well-meaning actions of Labour and the unions is that they are ALWAYS hijacked and brought low by simple human nature, which they think they can change. On Friday I tweeted: “I am fucking LOVING this Paul Flowers business - Labour, the party of corruption and greed. Every single time.” Because that’s how I see it. If you are going to be the party of loving kindness you have to be whiter than white. Not ideologically derelict, as Britain’s left-of-centre thinkers inevitably are.

For instance, if you ever hear or read the word 'ethical' in a company mission statement you KNOW, sure as eggs is eggs, that they  are conmen. The true purpose and the only true purpose of a business is to make a profit. Whether it’s me, a one-man band with an odd, portfolio income of physical labour, consulting and a tiny amount through selling my literary wares or whether you are a multi-national conglomerate selling anything from military tanks to washing powder your existence is only justified if at the end of the day your outgoings are exceeded by your income.

There is no such thing as a non-profit-making business – we call that a hobby. Not making a profit simply means you’re either not very good and are destined to fail, or you are very good indeed at balancing your books so you don’t have to pay the tax man, perhaps by donating to charities who in their turn might further the causes of political parties, etc. Corrupt? Of course it’s corrupt; it’s human. So, in a way the Tories are far more honest by making no pretence that they are doing it for the good of mankind. I just wish they’d stop believing every single vote relies on trying to look as if they are.

To deny the proclivity of our species to exploit every little advantage is to deny humanity itself; a thesis I took to over the weekend. Commencing at about quarter-to-four on Friday afternoon I began to write a stream of consciousness account of the world according to me. For no particular reason I decided to write 15,000 words (About 30 times as long as this) to describe the ascent of man. Jacob Bronowski  eat yer heart out!

The Prophet motive

So, yeah, this blog is really about nothing more than me plugging my novella-length outpouring with which I expect to earn literally hundreds of pence. You can find it here on Amazon, where you can also, for the miserly outlay of mere pennies, gorge yourself on my other scribbles. I’m not begging but, you know, Christmas coming up and all and charity begins at home… Gawd 'elp you, every one! :o) 

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  1. Agree with u totally. Profit isn't a dirty word! And communism would never work due to human nature