Wednesday, 4 March 2015


Last year Nick Clegg, in the process of being soundly thrashed by Nigel Farage in the television debate he called for, hit out at Farage’s claim that 70% of UK laws came from the EU. In fact for days afterwards this was his only parry and some even wanted desperately to believe him. So the news that two-thirds of UK laws do indeed come via the EU is not only further refutation of Clegg’s credibility and proof of his duplicity, it should come as a stark warning for voters everywhere to wake the fuck up.

The European Union is out for one thing and it is the thing we all suspect many politicians are out for – themselves. But having managed to divert a colossal amount of sovereign wealth into the leaky culverts of bureaucracy where it disappears without trace there is little else for the god-like powers to do but amuse themselves at our expense. One of the ways in which the EU likes to entertain itself in these long, wet winter days is to enact legislation banning things that people rely on. It disrupts industry, delivers poorer outcomes for consumers and impoverishes us all further… and is therefore exactly in tune with what all the evidence points to is the primary purpose of the projekt.

Words, organisations, beliefs, indigenous cultures, self-determination, freedom – of course they love to curtail them, but that is the humdrum day-job. To liven things up they like now and then to prohibit the use of material things; especially those that actually work. Either already banned or in the process of being banned or curtailed are: Cars that drive fast, weed-killers that kill weeds, pesticides that ‘cide’ pests, hair-driers that dry, kettles that boil… and vacuum cleaners that don’t suck because they suck have been replaced with vacuum cleaners that suck because they don’t suck. And now, having banished the good old cheap general lighting service lamp known by generations as a light bulb, they are coming for the rest of your beloved incandescent lamps. Got downlights? Then get ready to fork out for LEDs; at ten-to-twenty quid a pop the future isn’t looking so bright

Back on the subject of social engineering and behaviour modification, Labour MP David Lammy’s astonishing logic suggests that if you steal from, say, Fortnum & Mason you’ve been less dishonest than trousering a Mars bar from the corner shop. Of course, he is bound to have been ‘quoted out of context’ but where does this road lead? Given that the state is the biggest racket of the lot, presumably avoiding tax or defrauding the DWP should be seen as a noble act which should be rewarded. Honours for evasion? Legalised bank robbery? And do rich people deserve to be murdered more than poor people?

Government - dim as a Toc H lamp
Replacement light bulb - EU standard

It’s ludicrous, unnecessary, intrusive and utterly arrogant; the high-handed, rough-shod ride over the plebs. And you know what the EU, Labour and many besides have in common? The belief that people who live their ignoble lives outside the rarefied air of Westminster, the BBC and the right-on, 'progressive' think tanks have no aspirations, no education and must be treated as naughty peasants. But think on, Mr Politician, we peasants can still wield a mean pitchfork.