Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Troubled Waters

In Rochdale, one-man Labour meltdown Simon Danczuk, not content with trashing his party’s big wigs, rejoices in the hoisting of the Pakistani flag. It can’t just be me… and of course, it isn’t. No less a scrapper than Katie Hopkins has waded in to condemn his transparent vote-seeking with a widely reported exchange on the good old Twitter. Danczuk’s oh-so-worthy riposte that “Rochdale has had its problems and no one has spoken on grooming more than me. But to equate every Pakistani with grooming is a racist slur.” falls on deaf ears. This noble statement is supposed to recall every attack dog to heel and make us see the error of our ways. Good infidel dogs!

Meanwhile Pakistani muslims burn Hindus alive for ‘disrespecting’ the koran. ISIS rages across the Middle East, burning, pillaging, raping, hanging and beheading, and now random gun-rampages are breaking out all over the world – and all of this is in the name of the religion of peace. The direct threat to the United Kingdom from islamic terrorism has the security forces admitting profound weaknesses in our defences. And a fifth column comprising a significant number of ‘British’ muslims – millions-strong – fails to condemn those barbaric acts. There is a problem and it is a problem of one thing and one thing alone – islam itself. There is no such thing as a moderate muslim, because islam demands total submission to the imaginary will of a medieval madman and to a devout muslim this subjugation is more important than life itself.

You cannot reason with a muslim – islam just doesn’t allow it and any protestation otherwise is simple taqiya designed to mislead. The blind following of any superstition – islam, astrology, Christianity, Tarot, tea-leaves, Voodoo, Joojoo or no-kan-do – is incompatible with any twenty-first century civilisation. There is no cure for islam; only its extinction offers any hope for the peace its apologists insist it promotes while demonstrating the opposite whenever challenged about its atrocities.

Intelligent, free, thinking people have choices about what they believe, how they behave, how they dress and organise their lives and how they interact with others inside and outside their immediate communities. There is no intelligence, freedom or thought in a religion which demands blind obedience… or at the very least the turning of a blind eye to the horrific inhuman crimes perpetrated in its name. But apostasy is always an option, no matter what penalty some bearded fuckwits in sandals and bedsheets living in the Stone Age has dreamed up. Say no to slavery, say no to ignorance and say no to islam. Walk away and stay away. The choice is yours, mohammed, it is not mine.

Woggery in action
Burn our book, we burn your family - alive.

So, Simon Danczuk, you will excuse me if on this occasion I side with Katie Hopkins and condemn your stunt as just that – a naked attempt to appear to pour oil on troubled waters. The trouble is, those waters are stirred by an irrational hatred far deeper than any atheist or Christian society could even begin to muster and in case you haven’t noticed as you prise the lid from the oil barrel, those waters are well ablaze already.


  1. Labour rely on the Muslim community vote, they built new five-bedroomed council homes for them in Blackburn. This is because they had more children than would fit inside a standard sized council home. They subsequently swapped the location of the toilets at taxpayers cost because they complained they faced Mecca (not the bingo hall). Jack Straw's been chasing their votes at all costs for years. That's no shock statement for anyone that lives in that borough.

    It always comes as quite a surprise to me that a lot of the Muslim community vote for Labour, as their lifestyle lends itself more to social and fiscal conservatism. Many of them work very hard as well, and own businesses, so again, it's a mystery why they seem to vote for socialism. They must think that there's more in it for them. In Jack Straw's case, there undoubtedly was.

    It should come as little surprise that a Rochdale labour MP should do the same, however, as it's Simon Danczuk, and in the light of the historical problems that the Muslim community have failed to address regarding the abuse of white children in that area, it's a pretty stupid move. It comes across as desperate and is a shameful thing to do so brazenly and publicly, and shove it directly down the voters throats like forcibly fattening up a foie gras goose.

    The fact of the matter is, an awful lot of the Pakistani community have been fully aware of the sexual abuse and paedophilia surrounding the affected children and have done nothing, which makes them just as complicit as people that knew about Savile, Cyril Smith and the alleged Westminster mob.

    I think this is why I'm a little more shocked than I normally would be by behaviour of this type from a Labour MP.

    I know that he is under serious pressure in his area, and I think this act of desperation goes some way to proving just how close he is being pushed. Let's hope they push him all the way, and vote him out completely. Perhaps then they'll see some real change for the better in the birthplace of the co-operative movement.

    1. Much as I read the situation. Of course, it doesn't help having an embarrassing wife! (Of course, you would...)

  2. I think this is a prime example of just how F*cked the UK is. I plan to never live there again if I can help it.

    *shakes head*