Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Cutting Crew

So, on the drive to work what did I hear but yet another claim by Labour that the Conservatives are planning a ‘massive’ assault on public spending. Good, because ‘public spending’ has become a euphemism for brushing under the carpet the troubles caused at and by the arse end of society. Unemployable, uneducated serial breeders with entitlement fever; unsuitable, irresponsible parents bringing unwanted brats into a world of gang culture, drug abuse and moral turpitude; multiple generations with little aspiration beyond surviving to procreate in their turn. Raised by television and internet porn and outside the normal reach of good example and the influence of the work ethic it’s a form of cruelty to suggest they have rights beyond any enjoyed by other species of zoo animal.

For without making any contribution to society other than to be examples of how not to live your life, what else are they? Seriously, if they can’t learn and can’t work and can barely communicate; if they can only take and take and take and rely on the state for absolutely everything what can we possibly gain by effectively encouraging them to carry on? If public spending means bribing the illiterate with the promise of comfort and indolence without any demand for recompense then cutting it and cutting it again should be applauded to the rafters.

Public spending means police to control errant ways and contain their spread, it means healthcare to pander to their every tiny self-inflicted injury or imagined special mental impairment. It means an army of social workers and ‘care’ workers to mop up the detritus of their chaotic ways and another army of ‘classroom assistants’ to make believe they are achieving mediocrity when they are just being held back from rioting or stabbing their more able classmates. It means a network of prisons and probation officers, courts and a criminal justice system to maintain a separation between the sink estate denizens and decent society. And it means outreach workers to try and salvage a tiny few of the unfortunates trapped in the system, so it looks like there is genuine hope when there is none.

Great Britain - the EU's penal colony.
Room for plenty more!

When they say the Conservatives want to take public spending back to 1930s levels that is an ambition we should all get behind. Of course, we need an overall reduction in the unproductive classes or else that target will never be achieved and in the late 1930s, good old Europe provided us with a pretty effective means of keeping the numbers down; what a shame our armed forces are being run down so that there will be nobody to oppose Jean-Claude Juncker’s barmy army. But there’s hope for population control yet; "We need an EU Army to show that we are serious about upholding the values ​​of the European Union," says Juncker. Who harbours any belief that an EU ‘defence’ force would be deployed against anybody but its own people?

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  1. Great post today, your acerbic wit is always a pleasure to read.

    I am far more interested in the Commission in the Union, Juncker and his pals than what I should be. Most wouldn't have bothered visiting Europarl twice (it's not REALLY that exciting), with the Conservative Party (funded by the taxpayer) and the UK Independence Party (funded wholly by ourselves), seen the inner workings, familiarised themselves with policies and treaties etc

    When announcements are made about European armies and police forces, I know already. Sickening isn't it? The information was freely available months and even years ago. Undoubtedly, along with the European Arrest Warrant (also completely predictable), any Army/Police will be used to extinguish, no, SNUFF OUT, any uprisings and protests. There's enough hardline communists in the Commission, and they've plenty of experience of what has gone before.

    The media report 'The UK Could Sleepwalk out of the Union', whereas in reality, the people of the UK have been hoodwinked, conned, and walked into it without any say in the matter at all, and I'd be surprised with the current crop of idiots that are pro-EU, without knowing a fraction of what it's really about, won't finish the job totally.

    Well, I suppose that's their look out Battsby, old boy. Soon they'll realise what's been done has already gone too far to be undone, and their freedoms will be lost forever.