Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Child’s Play

Calling all parents; do you know what your children did today? Do you worry? Did they steal a car and kill three pedestrians in a joyriding spree? Did they knock off a bank? Have they raped an old lady? Or murdered a disabled man for his benefits? Or did they lash out and viciously say they hated you? Then worry no more – it’s a police matter now. Her Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary reports that police are increasingly being called out to discipline unruly children. Given that for some time now kids have been told they can have their parents arrested for looking at them in a funny way or not handing over enough pocket money, it’s only fair that the tables may have been tilted slightly.

The little fuckers have been getting things their way for far too long and the media indulge their delusions of adequacy. This story, for instance, describes an illiterate sulk as ‘hilarious’. Well, it’s nowhere near as hilarious as having the angry little bastard put back in his place would be. Children are effectively non-sentient slime, being slowly oozed into human-shaped moulds and gradually having the instinctive nastiness baked out of them. Without that process you have what we see all around us today. The ‘me, me, me’ generations who believe that the world owes them not only a living, but a bloody good one at that, with every sin excused and every transgression absolved.

In return they implicitly agree not to challenge the garbage they are fed by the media. Have you seen how, largely unopposed, the BBC uses words like ‘controversial’ and ‘radical’ whenever they have a story about something they don’t like, such as fracking, or immigration control, or suggestions that parties other than left wing ones have any ideas worth exploring? Media headlines warn of ‘deep’ and ‘savage’ cuts, instead of them being ‘necessary’ or ‘frugal’ curbs on unaffordable profligacy. We are systematically manipulated from cradle to grave into being the type of dependent drone the EU wants us to be: Compliant, terrified of causing offence and unlikely to fight back; afraid to challenge things such as multiculturalism because we are told it is good for us.

Savage cu*ts at large...
Our work here is done...

Words like ‘chilling’ and ‘concerning’ are used to herald the most tepid of announcements, while ‘amazing’ and ‘unique’ describe things that are neither. Because if you can remove our ability to use words rationally you lessen our ability to think rationally. So when those of us who refuse to fall in step with the somnolent majority voice our concerns we are labelled bigots and racists and other words to – ironically - engender an unthinking hatred amongst the sheep. Goebbels knew his stuff. Now, I must go… wouldn’t want to miss the Two Minute Hate.

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