Sunday, 1 March 2015

Peaceful Protest

Protests against Ukip’s very existence at their conference, protests against 'Pegida' in Newcastle, protests in Yarmouth. The right to peaceful protest and free speech is once again denied to those who don’t toe the ever-shifting line in the wave-washed sand drawn by the politically correct wings of Whine Against Fascism and Sanctimonious Sods (WAF’n’SS) and all the other rent-a-mobs conjured by union activists, schoolchild wannabe politicians and plain soft-in the-head agitators for more casual drug abuse, wanton ignorance, lax moral discipline, disregard for order and general promiscuity in all areas of our increasingly fluid and weakened society.

Multiculturalism is the goal of the diversity industry and just as with all the false visions of cultural Marxism it is sold as the opposite of what it really is. In the propaganda of decline, diversity enriches us and makes us a more understanding and cohesive society; immigration can only ever be good. But in reality diversity is plainly and simply a dilution of all sorts of social standards; it impoverishes us and mostly divides and pits us against each other. Even now it’s not Pegida against islamisation, it’s lefty thugs against common sense. The plan is working and the whites are scrapping amongst themselves. How the EU Commission must laugh at their achievements and our feeble attempts to overturn them.

A recent study reveals what those of us from the Church of the Bleeding Obvious have been saying for decades; well-educated Brits are leaving this declining country to be replaced, in the main, by those with lower abilities. The claim that our skills gap can only be filled by immigration is as false as the claim that every immigrant brings a net financial benefit. But the war on unckecked immigration appears to be already lost. Just as with the beheadings and the burnings and the hate-filled sharia-wallahs, over-exposure makes the horrific humdrum. We roll over and let the hordes breach our borders while those of us who are able pack up what they can carry and slink away through the gaps. To spin the clear damage immigration has been doing for decades as ‘a problem of success’ shows simple contempt for the lost citizens of Britain.

The reason for the Newcastle demo is that far too many of our ill-educated, culturally bereft immigrants are of the barbarous ‘religion of peace’ with their wonderfully tolerant views on other people’s culture. But far from recognising this and working with the besieged Britizens our leaders have conspired to turn blind eyes at every opportunity and make the concerned themselves the objects of hatred. The EU has been stealthily engaged in indoctrinating the young and impressionable for years and Labour, given the opportunity, would enshrine suppression of any expression of truth and dissent in law.

Dawn of the living dolts.
The rich diversity that islam brings

What can we do? Our voices go unheard. Before you are no longer allowed to tell the truth before to do so becomes an illegal act, stand up and shout out silently with me. Islam has no place in the twenty-first century and Islamism – if you want to make a distinction that I certainly don’t recognise – is a declared enemy of every good thing in the world. In so far as I am capable I choose to exclude it and its practitioners, its businesses and its beliefs from every part of my life. Peaceful protest? I will peace you to fucking oblivion.

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  1. Watching the protests from the other side of the world. What struck me during an interview on a news broadcast, was the interviewer asking one of the protesters about it being a racial protest. The interviewee said he was concerned about the islamic race or something similar. Islam is not a race, it is a religion. As much as this religion hypocritically preaches 'peace', it has shown itself to be incredibly barbaric.