Tuesday 7 April 2015


It’s all about the money, at least if you buy the Tory electoral line. And what normal person wouldn’t want to? Britain is getting back to work, people are becoming better off, the deficit is steadily shrinking and with a steady hand on the tiller we are on course for more of the same. But, in the absence of any credible policies to counter the Conservative good news campaign, the parties of the left are betting the farm on appealing to the hateful impulses of unthinking socialism. The Tories are portrayed by Labour, the SNP, Plaid Cymru and even to some extent by their coalition partners, the LibDems, as the enemy. To the left, success is to be vilified and loathed and the Tories are a rapacious horde to be exterminated. Talk about killing the golden goose…

There is no part of the constituency to which this ‘nasty Tory’ line plays better than our dumbed down, experience-lite, naïve, coddled, starry-eyed youth for whom sound-bites pass for philosophy and Russell Brand’s unhinged rhetoric for the wisdom of the ages. If one thing is certain, it is that children should never have any influence on those with the power to make decisions which affect everybody. I’d even go so far as to say that children should rarely even be consulted about decisions which directly affect themselve; they are minors and no matter how well they imitate their elders, few are capable of making wise choices about affairs to which they have made no contribution.

So, it’s little wonder that the left-wing think tank, the Institute for Public Policy Research proposes that voting should be compulsory in the first election after any youngster reaches the age of majority. In an election battle that is being fought currently on the manipulation of flimsy and largely meaningless financial statistics, what qualifies mere children to make sense of the Play-Your-Cards-Right game of higher/lower/better-off/worse-off than the adults who actually stand to win or lose by it? Which way do you reckon the spotty ones will vote; for less pocket money, or a Brucie Bonus?

Beware of the flowers... cos I'm sure they're gonna get you, yeah!
The Greens have the answers to EVERYTHING!

And what does it say for the gravitas of any party that fervently seeks the votes of children to retain power - Hitler Youth, anybody? Gerrymandering is a constant political threat, whether by electoral boundaries, corrupt postal means, or the buying of votes for benefits bribes. The left are so convinced they are right and only they are right and that only they have any moral entitlement to be in power that they will do or say almost anything to groom a vote. In other words they will happily deceive gullible young minds to vote for their own enslavement to the state, which is tantamount to child abuse. But will the brown-shirted, Labour Youth, kinder-voters, in their failed socialist futures ever get a chance to point out on the political doll where the Labour Party touched them?

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