Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Speech Poleeth dithmitheth uth...

The worshippers at the shrine of Saint Indignatio know no bounds in pursuit of offence, choosing – nay, being compelled – to elevate any opinion they don’t like to the level of a personal, vindictive and material threat to their own existence. To the devout a holocaust denier is not some deluded, hate-filled loner, refuse to be convinced by the vast archives of recorded evidence, but is somehow become a violent criminal, to be dealt with exactly as if they had entered one’s home and held a knife to one’s throat. To not have and vocally express sympathy for the Hillsborough victims is a hate crime so extreme that in return they must suffer very real physical threats.

Even daring to disavow the lukewarm throwaway aphorisms ‘children are the future’ and ‘everybody is equal’ and ‘the Tories will sell ‘our’ NHS’ can bring a level of opprobrium upon you so extreme that you may never seek gainful employment under our own name again. Indeed there are some who would set up and compel the errant to sign some form of ‘Hate Offenders Register’ for any verbal or written expression which contravenes some self-appointed, holier-than-thou, guardians of free speech ‘as long as it agrees with our opinions’. The peddlars of such sanctions seem to belong exclusively to the club of left-leaning talking heads whose very living appears to derive from confecting such offence.

Thus it is that Katie Hopkins is once again taking flak from the mischief makers who are so sensitive as to be unable to bear the pain of mere words even from the safety of their desks, even defended by their nuclear word warrior keyboards. The Society of Black Lawyers (There is, of course why no Society of White Lawyers) has deemed one person expressing opinions, however disagreeable, as incitement to racial hatred. It is, of course, nothing of the sort; agree with her or not, Ms Hopkins incites nothing but a cry to common sense. The world is a harsh place and if you can’t make it work for you, it isn’t for others to make it so. Tough, as they say, shit.

I will defend to the death..?
The Speech Police strike again...

Meanwhile, on the Twitter, another crêpe crusader has donned its mask and utility belt and in the guise of a mighty ‘troll-hunter’ has been steadily stalking anybody agreeing with the views of La Hopkins and helpfully linking in the Met Police to the incoherent howls of rage in their replies. What has to go so badly wrong with your own life that you feel the need to set up new accounts purely to spread the poison you say you so greatly despise? Those throwing such stones may just want to check what the walls of their houses are made of… and the Society of Black Lawyers might want to look in the mirror before they make complete twats of themselves… again. (They may want to smile if they are looking in dim light - now how racists is THAT?) (PS: No you fuck off!) 

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