Monday, 14 December 2015

Winds of Change

The court of Cnuts has decreed that the world will be saved by their mastery of the planetary weather systems. Turning back the tides and turning down the thermostat of the world, they will ensure peace, prosperity and energy security for your children and their children’s children. According to @toryboypierce all it took was fourteen days, 30,000 people, five million pieces of paper and 21,000 tonnes of carbon emissions and if the Paris Agreement fails to meet its almost certainly unverifiable objectives, meh, none of them are going to be around to take the blame anyway. The facts will change to fit the future, just as they are changed to paint the past.

The world leaders are experts in nothing but politics. Getting a sniff of corrupting power from early activism, they grow ever further from the people they want to rule. Not govern, not lead but simply rule. The kind view says that they are entirely in the thrall of advisers with no means themselves of telling bullshit from bollocks, but some of the alternative narratives must surely get through. In which case they must hold their noses and grit their teeth as they vote for ever more punitive measures to control the little people. So completely has the establishment accepted the new climate orthodoxy, dismissing all dissenting voices, that it is almost a crime to say you’re not totally convinced.

Ignoring the demos – the very opposite of democracy – is becoming the norm. I’m coming to an age where I am allowed to be bewildered; maybe even expected to be bewildered. COP21 was never brought about because of the demands or wishes of ordinary voters. Flood victims didn’t point to the skies and see chemtrails and climate change and lobby for action; most only discovered that their homes were built on floodplains when those plains did what they naturally do from time to time. Nobody expected anything other than flooding once funding for dredging river channels was halted on some EU whim, but now we must call it evidence of climate change. Every media outlet, every spokesman, appears to have accepted without challenge that this is so.

The ‘opinion’ of the masses is manipulated by the activism and propaganda of a relative noisy few. Nobody wants to be the baddie, so the bullies gang up and label those they disagree with as beneath the dignity of debate and deny them, through their hissing, spitting hateful rhetoric, a platform. Even the self-appointed label of ‘progressive’ oozes self-righteousness; what lumbering ape would want to halt progress? Meanwhile progress towards the over-regulated, heavy-handed state continues and the many who want to resist it are dismissed as ‘populist’ and na├»ve.

In this article in The Economist it states that “In America and Europe, right-wing populist politicians are on the march. The threat is real” and that “populist ideas need defeating.” Really? You’re saying that simply because a lot of people don’t want what you want, their views should be rejected? And why ‘threat’? If you don’t like what you see your governments colluding to do, now you are the threat? Whether you object to the importation of third-world terrorism, or the anti-patriotic dilution of national identity, or the destructive influence of enforced multiculturalism, or the indoctrination of your children to never question climate change, your fears now make you enemies of the state.

Eyes wide shut...

In France, tactical voting by coalitions of other parties has denied electoral gains to Marine Le Pen’s  ‘populist’ Front National, but even The Guardian recognises the election “consisted of establishment parties [trying] desperately to outwit what they warned was a racist, xenophobic, islamophobic and overwhelmingly dangerous party.” Once again, a party which represents the views of many millions is dismissed as the ‘dangerous’ enemy within. Just what is it that western 'leaders' have against their own populations? For two weeks they expended hot air in their fantasy about controlling future weather. They might better have addressed themselves to understanding the very real winds of change already blowing across the land.

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