Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Creating a Monster

I'm not convinced that men marrying men is an answer to anything very much. I'm also not convinced that trapping people on welfare by paying successive generations more than their unskilled labour will ever be worth is a kind thing to do. And the one-way conveyance of human rights without in return insisting on corresponding responsibilities seems to me a strategy for failure. Thus children born into perpetual welfare can breed to increase the underclass with the certain knowledge – if such people can said to actually be sentient – that there will be no price to pay. At least, no price for them to pay.

But it all has to be paid for, this wonderful egalitarian utopia we supposedly all want to see. And as always it is those who can get by under their own steam who pay the most. I’m not talking here about the very wealthy who earn so much that even punitive tax rates mean they retain their unassailable status at the very top of the tree. Nope, it’s those who can’t afford to insulate themselves from the ruinous outcomes of the policies pursued by our current leaders who pay the highest price.

The young working families who have to struggle to live cheek by jowl with the idlers they pay for, because they can’t afford to live anywhere nicer; daily going out to work, making hard choices about spending, family size, childcare and paying the regular bills while next door, the twenty-four hour party people rub their noses in the choices they make. How easy it would be to jump into the workless void, except the workers believe they can create better chances for their children and maybe, one day, retire to somewhere more civilised. And a bit quieter.

Instead of listening to those voices – voices whose opinions ought to carry more weight than those who vote to stay aboard the gravy train – the government repeatedly comes up with bunkum such as ‘plugging diversity gaps’. Throwing money at enforcing more ‘diversity’ means less money for plugging the gaps in the breached dams of education, law and order, civic amenity and silly little things like flood defences. The more uncomfortable and unsettling diversity is pursued the greater the discontent of those who pay for it, so is it any wonder that bigotry rises in direct proportion.

Opposition to things that cause fear and unfairness is normal, yet the establishment response has been to ignore the fears, plough ahead with the project and engage in the rhetoric of ‘anti-racism’ to browbeat those who object. Odd, isn’t it, that when the declared intention is a harmonious nation of infinite variety and equality, that there is a deliberate policy to quash the indigenous, much as invading forces have subjugated peoples in the age of the conquistadors. To render the fears of the majority irrelevant, make those people a minority.

'The Donald' lurching back into bother...

Is it any wonder, then, that Donald Trump, for echoing the views of his supporters is suddenly branded inhuman for suggesting what sane voices have requested for decades? When you try and make a Frankenstein state by badly stitching together incompatible parts of other states, with no thought to the treatment needed to avoid rejection of the donor organs, what other final outcomes do you expect? When the untidy stitches of multiculturalism dissolve the scars will still be there for all to see. If Trump is a monster he is a monster created by the warped orthodoxies of socialism.

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