Wednesday, 9 December 2015

New Brains for Old?

"Propaganda is a means to an end. Its purpose is to lead the people to an understanding that will allow them to willingly and without internal resistance devote themselves to the tasks and goals of a superior leadership. Propaganda as such is neither good nor evil. Its moral value is determined by the goals it seeks." A famous European leader once said that. Another added, “The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly... it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.” Any guesses?

Keep. It. Simple. Stupid. The message comes first; the facts can be fashioned to fit that message later. “It has nothing to do with islam” and “You ain’t no muslim, bruv.” Keep it brief, keep it simple and keep on saying it. K.I.S.S. Any criticism of an alien culture is racism. Observing any differences between the sexes is sexism. Being afraid that a rabid cult is baying for your blood is islamophobia – fear becomes hatred by simple repetition that this is so. Keep on saying it and it becomes true. Nothing is normal. Everything is normal. Not normal is the new normal. Two plus two equals five. If everybody says you are wrong, eventually you will begin to question what you know.

Our society is wary of brainwashing. Cults use brainwashing, so they must be dangerous. Cults seek to distort reality so their adherents cleave to a different doctrine. Cults are dangerous, dividing families, dividing loyalties, dividing and ruling. Cults are minority phenomena, they say, cults are evil and wrong. This is obvious, they say, anybody can see the power of the cult is limited and we can cure you. Look into my eyes and repeat after me: “Muslims account for only 5% of the population. They must be protected. They suffer the most because of the actions of ISIS. They are a force for good in our society. Diversity is good. Diversity is good. Diversity is good. Diversity is god...” Keep looking into my eyes. Keep. It. Simple. Stupid.

Donald Trump has dared to say what millions think. Of course, what those millions think is simply wrong. The deeds they have witnessed, the words they have heard or read, the fear they feel when they imagine their lives or lifestyles are threatened are all illusory. And anyway, Trump has to be wrong because the simple, repeated message of the media, world leaders and liberal commentators says so. The condemnations from Barack Obama, David Cameron, Boris Johnson, the usual voices on the left, along with the Metropolitan Police are confined to a few simple points. Repeated over and over.

This isn't what you think...
Raised by popular consensus

‘The Donald’ is having none of it. While Nigel Farage was cornered into having to repeatedly discipline his party, keep his own words sober and refute the more xenophobic utterings of some members, Trump just says what he believes and far from backing down, repeats his claims louder and with more vigour when challenged. His numbers continue go up and up with every proclamation. What is wrong with ‘his’ people, this cult of Donald? Are they being brainwashed by him? The recent surge for France’s Front National is another deep stain the bien pensants want to eradicate. 

In desperation the leaders of the ‘free world’, who know what's best, select another programme number, insert the pre-wash powder and up the speed of the spin cycle. 


  1. I have considerable concerns if either Trump or Clinton become the US president. As neither have the mental capacity, morals, competency or ideology that is good for the American people. What is not good for the Americans is also certainly not good for the rest of us.

    Trump's remarks were insensitive even if one day Western nations may well have to debar Muslims and the majority agree that the time might be now before the 5th column becomes so large that threat of being overwhelmed by them is not containable. As it stands it is an impractical idea anyway. He should have said and worked for the left to be disenfranchised from deciding how and what we debate about the very real threat that Islam poses for Christian(and other non Muslim religions) and democratic people everywhere. Although even doing that risks being insensitive and giving offence to Muslims and there apologists. However we cannot shy away from causing offence as the peril from doing so is much greater.

    Proper debate will lead to actions that may or may not be considered harsh and insensitive but if it does they will be the ones that leads to greater security for us the non Muslims. If the left is allowed to continue to close down debate and free speech then we allow them to be the architects of our demise.

    Of course we must not lose sight of the fact that this remark was his drop the dead cat on the table moment so as to distract from the fact that his poll rating were dropping. Regardless he has highlighted a serious deficit in our defence against Islam it's conservatives(adherents of the faith who have similar beliefs to the extremists and as yet give no active support but will) and extremists.

    1. I would be very happy to see every last muslim rounded up and shipped out to the Middle East. They have demonstrated their incompatibility with any and all of what used to be called western values; one of which was not to tolerate the intolerant.

      They should have a choice, though. Reject islam and fully integrate with their country of residence. Or just fuck off back to the desert.