Monday, 7 December 2015

Giving you the man...

On Sky News this morning a panel of what I can only describe as ‘ordinary’ people, that is the uninformed and hard of thinking, gave their opinions on the floods in Cumbria. They described this event – utterly normal for one of the wettest places in the UK – as ‘the real face of global warming’. No question at all, this event feeds their confirmation bias and therefore must be utterly true. They then went on to declare, again without question, that this winter will be ‘the coldest on record’. Given that the severity and duration of the rainfall wasn’t forecast even a week ago, this is taking faith in an uncertain science to the extreme.

Fuelling the fire, the climate talks in Paris are stoking up the boilers to bursting point and just watch how every extra degree up or down on any particular day will be reported as ‘unprecedented’. They can even predict both warming and cooling from the same data sets and simply state, if challenged, that ‘it’s complicated’. While a tiny sample of the human race achieves astonishing technological feats it is as if that advancement must be balanced by the rump of populous becoming ever more stupid. (By stupid, I don’t mean unintelligent, I mean as in the Latin stupere: 'to be stunned or benumbed'.)

The potential of your children is being limited by teaching to agendas set by those with ever more limited ability to think independently. The misnomer of Comprehensive education is a dogma clung to like a bedraggled cat on a raft of driftwood with dry land in easy reach. Soon the feedback loop of state schooling will achieve two-tier education in a manner the ‘evil’ Grammar Schools could never manage. Grammar school kids are far more likely than others to question what they are told and far more likely to recognise that all the climate change ‘forecasts’ are nothing of the kind. Rather, they are after-the-fact summaries which seek to fit a cause to the effect.

Oh, I’m not a ‘climate change denier’; I’m just pretty sure I’ve seen all this before, both the climate change hysteria and the actual weather. It’s called memory. Now, I also know that memory can be manipulated and what better place to start than right at the beginning. The Jesuits said, “Give me the child...” and now the state is taking that principle and indoctrinating them to grow into adults with a pre-programmed set of beliefs and one of the most perfidious of them is that if we give something the label ‘science’ then it must be settled. The most perfect specimens of these model mule-citizens will be chosen to become teachers in turn.

No matter how many social laws the state introduces, the alternative to mass indoctrination will lie in the hands of private citizens; fee-paying schools and the continued supremacy of elites. Far from promoting unity and belonging, the proliferation of ever more heavy-handed tools to control the masses will only result in the powers residing in ever fewer hands. Democracy has been used very effectively so far to promote a divided society in the guise of inclusion. It won’t stop there.


  1. Ah, but fortunately one can always count on the sheer perversity of the young, the avant garde and more intelligent amongst whom will always come to a view of these things directly opposite to that which they've been taught!

    1. Too few in number to make any difference!