Wednesday 29 February 2012

Life on Earth

Out there - go on, look - OUT THERE, in the wild, it's dog eat dog eat cat eat rat eat bat get fat and survive. Eat, fight, fuck - that's about your lot as far as the basic purpose of the animal kingdom is concerned. Eat to live, live to fuck, fight for the right to do either. Then die. We all die in the end.

Survival of the species depends on lots of things, principally the survival of viable breeding individuals. Some animals are ferocious predators and have small litters which they rear and defend until they can set about the fighting and eating of rivals and prey. Other animals breed copiously and rely on the numbers game to counteract the high attrition rate due to predators- think mice.

If there's not enough space, shelter or food to go around then, predator or prey, numbers decrease to manageable levels. In nature the numbers balance because they have to. You don't get many big fish in small ponds.

But you humans have to bugger about with all this, don't you? Because of your sensitive, touchy-feely ways you like to upset the natural balance and try and grow all your sacrificial eggs into big fish and because maths ain't your strong point it always fails. Which is why this latest social-engineering atrocity is doomed to failure

Really, lefties? Fucking really? Did you not learn from your 50% graduate target that no matter how hard you school a thickie they will never become right-proper-clever? They will never grow up to understand the numbers game of life and you will commit them to a moribund existence of dependency on the skewed politics of envy, coupled with a crippling sense of entitlement. In other words, they will get nowhere and then they will moan on and on about it.

By not telling people the truth (some of you will be eaten, many will not get to breed and deservedly so) you are messing with the very structure of nature. And what's the betting the cossetted results of your experimentation grow up to be the sort of idiot occutards who have just been uprooted from St Paul's?

Some smelly hippies - yesterday

David Attenborough would be ashamed of you.

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