Thursday 1 March 2012

Average Joe le Taxi

Have a look next time you go to a supermarket. There will be an unending procession of social retards loading up trolleys full of loot into waiting taxis. Go into any branch of Argos and it will be chock-full of Labour's beloved welfare chimps, gurning over the trashy jewellery and electronics. And hard by even the lowliest sink estate will be a succession of knock-off booze and cigarette outlets... and a tattoo parlour. Taxis? I'm hopping mad about that - what's wrong with the bus and a bit of leg work?

All of that costs money and none of it can even remotely be justified as subsistence. Who's paying for it? Come on, who? I'll tell you who - not them as benefits from it, that's for sure. What really pisses me off (and it pisses you off too, unless you're dole scum, in which case, congratulations on reading this far) is that people who work have to make hard choices. If you want to smoke 20 legal cigarettes a day, you have to find about £2500 a year. That's a bloody good family holiday, a car upgrade every couple of years, a new bathroom or lots of electronic toys you're going to sacrifice on the altar of your filthy habit. Which is, of course, why many fewer workers smoke than non-workers.

But taxis? Yes, I'm still furious about that.

According to this report, David Cameron believes that working people can now rest assured that they will be better off in future than those who spend their life on benefits. “We’ve stood up against the abuse that left taxpayers footing the bills for people on £30,000 or even £50,000 a year in benefits,” he said. “It’s a fair principle - a family out of work on benefits shouldn’t be paid more than the average family in work.

But that's still way wide of the mark. The majority of working families earn far less than the average, so the chances are the abuses will continue, because nobody has the guts to do what's morally right. And you know why? This is why: People are too stupid for democracy to work.

Halle-bloody-lujah! I've been banging this drum all my life. When the hard decisions need to be made, our mediocre leaders dare not make them and pander instead to the wishes of a dumb and dumber electorate too dim to realise how lucky they are.

I take it back about the taxis - they're too thick to be allowed to roam free.

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