Wednesday 28 March 2012

The VAT in the Hat

Today, for the hard of thinking... I bring you a story in pictures! For those hard of 'picturing' there's a text-only version here: LINK


  1. Plan A : take a thermometer with you when buying said Ginster, argue over VAT for a while, take temperature of pasty declare it cold & refuse to pay VAT or demand a hot one, then repeat aforementioned actions until one party declares themselves a winner.
    Plan B : order hot pasty & immediately upon receipt take a bite, then hand over money for VAT free (cold) price. Argue toss until refund is given for return of pasty or pasty has actually gone cold & demand a new hot one

  2. Oh, you've confused me now, Ken. I just thought it was funny rhyming VAT with Twat! :o)

  3. Perhaps they should introduce a sliding scale of VAT, from zero to 20%, based on the temperature of the pasty above a certain baseline measured once the pasty reaches a location outside of a radius of miles equivalent to the average distance between homes and shops in a particular area (excluding non food shops and with a special 2.5% uplift for houses in the higher community charge band threshold). That would make it far simpler to administer.