Wednesday 7 March 2012

Go on. Hate me...

Oh, I adore Melanie Phillips. Really, I do. She is like the living embodiment of my ideal woman... 'cept, maybe, I wouldn't. (Soz Mel, you know how it is, right?)

Ever since, as a very young boy, I used to go to the Council Offices to collect what was then called 'Family Allowance', I have railed against the sheer, unmitigated stupidity of paying unfit people to breed. Well, I am posi-lutely, abos-tively 100% behind Ms Phillips' unarguable thesis that this is a payment that benefits nobody.

Cut child benefit. Cut it absolutely and cut it now.

If you can't afford children then - by every rational measure - you shouldn't have them. If you create children for whom you can create no future, you are a selfish monster . How dare you blackmail me into supporting them?

I have nothing more to add - you can't argue against the truth.

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