Tuesday 20 March 2012

Wace Wiots

Oh, don’t you just love a news article with the ‘R’ word in it? The second you deploy ‘that word’ you know the world is going to tie itself in knots to try and avoid being that word! It is fucking hilarious. The whole equality and diversity industry sings “ker-ching” in unison every time a national newspaper drops the R-bomb.

Of course, I’m not allowed to use the word itself here because there are factions who see its written form as ‘that thing’ in itself, so I’m going to write about it without using the actual label. I’m not sure it’s possible, but in the true spirit of freedom of speech (unless you’re a white English* male) equality (unless you’re a white, English male) and openness (unless you’re… etc) I’m going to give it a go.

The article in question is THIS in which it is revealed that white, middle-class teachers find it difficult to achieve the levels of egalitarianism now enshrined in law. If a single pupil ever grows up to become a minorities commissioner those teachers will be haunted –slaves to social justice as they are – for the rest of their lives, believing they are to blame.

For my part, I think this report is a vicious, bigoted and yes, "R" attack on the teachers, stating, as it does, that the majority of primary school teachers are “white, monolingual, middle-class woman who were taught by people similar to them”. If that isn’t ethnic stereotyping, I don't know what it is, with its expectation of outcome based entirely on their origins.

The same ‘experts’ who came up with this self-evident, yet apparently unpalatable truth are calling on the government to legislate for “equality classes” in teacher training courses, in a bid to reflect the “growing diversity” of British schools.

Bollocks. Equality classes will help to increase perceived differences because white English kids will be treated as second-class citizens (oh, the irony) and grow up to resent the preferential treatment that will be doled out to anybody other than them in the same way that the naughty kids get all the teaching attention and resources thrown at them. There will be more of this sort of nonsense.

Yet again it is somehow up to government to take action. When will our society get off its lardy-arsed haunches, roll up its sleeves and do something for itself? Why does everybody seem to think it is the government’s responsibility to attend to the wellbeing and happiness of every individual on a personal basis? Bring everybody up to behave themselves and socially responsibility and equality will follow. And yes, some will become richer and more successful than others, but it is certainly not the job of government to bind you up with apron strings and insulate you for life from life itself.

Last night I made the claim that ‘child poverty’ was a socially engineered phrase used to play on people’s sympathy and apply pressure on the government (there it is again) to eradicate it. Naturally I was attacked for that view by people with a blinkered belief that it exists. There is no such thing in Britain, but there are kids who are badly brought up, just as there are kids who are abused because of their differences – ethnicity, background, disability and in the extreme - hair colour.

So, I'm setting up an appeal to help all of the disadvantaged of our society, whatever their needs. Please send donations - preferably cash - to this appeal. Once I have raised enough, I promise to do absolutely nothing at all about this complete non-problem, but I will thank you from the heart of my bottom and from my retirement island in the Bahamas, for your gullibility.

Blimey a whole blog on racism without mentioning the word racism. Oh…

(*Scots, Irish & Welsh are fine they can’t be racist responsible as they are a persecuted minority. Many of them are, however, ginger.)

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