Wednesday 21 March 2012

Black Wednesday

With apologies to Lewis Carroll, I done a pome!

T'was Wedders, and the slimy coves
Did tax and gamble with my pay.
All flimsy were the proffered oaths,
Not to give it all away. 

"Beware the Treasury, my son!
The jaws that bite, the clause that catch!
Beware the Osborne bird, and shun
The furious Moneysnatch!" 

With ill intent he counts his take 
And gives it to the harpie who, 
Without a care how much I make, 
Breeds fifteen children in a shoe. 

Calloo callay it’s Budget Day 
And all my money's gone away. 
Now, by law, the gov’ment will 
Take my dosh to pay their bills 

Fee fi fo fum... 
There goes the home of an English man.

(With thanks to Messrs Brown and Co, for spending all my fucking dough!)

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