Saturday 3 March 2012

Human Trash

I saw this story and knew immediately that most of you won't do more than scan the headline before you hit the howling indignation and outright condemnation button.

So. before you read on, read the whole article here: killing a newborn is little different to aborting it in the womb

It's really not what you think and she is not advocating wholesale infanticide, no matter how much you already hate Francesca Minerva and want it to be so. She really isn't.

But I am. And why stop there? The one certainty about life is that at some point it ends.

For some, their short life is a constant misery, while others spend their time reminding us that there is no such thing as innate human goodness. The muggers, murderers, rapists, paedophiles, torturers... I have no idea what drives them but one thing seems to be certain; some people are unable to curb their violent urges and - provided we actually catch them - consume wholly disproportionate sums of resources being kept alive in captivity so that other humans can feel they are somehow 'better'.

I'm not an apologist for these deviants - far from it - but whether you believe in 'evil' or not there's clearly something wrong with them. If we find it abhorrent and we can't cure it, why not 'abort' on conviction? We don't live in a world where we all have the luxury of making soft decisions and while your views are shaped by your personal needs/wants it is simply stupid for a whole society to try to accommodate every individual's desire to be thought of as warmer and cuddlier and better and lovelier than 'them'.

So. Abortion in-utero or post-natal - for the right reasons - same thing as far as I can see. There's a growing support for euthanasia on request - why not youth-anasia? And once that's accepted, why not make it a continuum? Some suggested staging posts:

  • On diagnosis of ADHD
  • When repeated caning hasn't done the trick
  • By selection at eleven-plus exam
  • On receipt of third ASBO
  • After three complaints  from the neighbours about excessive noise
  • On second conviction for deviant offence.
  • Nicking anything belonging to me
  • If I don't like you and, in the end...
  • By request for those who have just had enough

A Britain where people behave themselves, go to work, contribute and get on with each other? We'd soon have that deficit down to zero. Oh, of course not - the bloody lefties would have nothing to complain about if the system actually worked.

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