Thursday, 23 May 2013

Bring back the Nasty Tories

Over my lifetime my country has changed. In many ways the changes have been advancements; the average person in Britain has access, assumed almost as a right, to technology that would have been literally incredible when I was a child. And standards of living – for those who choose not to waste their resources on destructive and selfish hedonism – have risen to unimagined heights, decade on decade.

Notwithstanding our current economic malaise, our strong economy has allowed all this to happen, but our laziness and misguided philanthropy has also prompted decline. We have presided over a decline in basic education even as money has poured into that pit. And we have seen a decline in standards of personal responsibility, excused as liberalism and supported by a legal system so costly and dense and intertwined that it is used as often against us as for us. The more we spend on liberty, the less liberty we get.

In the guise of freedoms and rights our deliberate failure to judge and appropriately guide or punish has created a society that has never been more fragmented. For every misguided pressure group or belief that we not only tolerate but appear to actively encourage we lose a piece of our Britishness in return. We lose the sense of identity and the security in that identity that once gave us an enviable character. And part of that character was the confidence to be proudly British. And with that confidence a quiet tolerance of others was a given.

Now though, our tolerance is not assumed, it is legislated for. We are given pejorative titles such as racist, sexist, homophobe, xenophobe – not to appeal to our sense of fair play but to criminalise us for our rational instincts and reasonable objections. And this deliberate erosion of the liberties of the many in favour of the few has been a deliberate act of successive governments trading on their ‘caring’ credentials. The younger generation,brought up to see all this legal frippery as normal, know no other life and so cannot understand the frustrations of those who see what has been given away. But they will have to live with the consequences.

My Britain is almost lost. It will probably finally expire with my generation and the horrible imposed illiberalism of the various strands of socialist thinking will prevail. It will make this a far worse place to live, indeed it already has. Even today, as he talks tough on terror, David Cameron is still vociferously supporting the policies of surrender to ideology proven to have caused damage wherever it has been tried.

Death on the streets - something must change

He believes he is de-toxifying the Tories, but that won’t bring back the Woolwich soldier, will it? Savagery, in broad daylight, in England’s capital city? Socialism has no answer to the damage it has wrought other than to apply more socialism. If Cameron really wants a future for the Conservative Party (and by extension for the country) he has to stop talking tough and start acting tough. To get Britain back from the brink we need Conservatives to be out and proud. Bring back the Nasty Tory.


  1. Thanks Batsby, I knew I would be able to rely on you for a giggle after yesterday...seriously though you are once again on the nails head.

    Unfortunately we have in Westminster at present some of the most inept, spinless, pampered individuals ever to be gathered under one gilded roof. (apart from that Joyce fella from Falkirk ha ha)

    I would love to be at that COBRA meeting when they decide what to do about these fanatics on our streets:-
    Mrs May will come out and put on her sternest stern face.
    Little Willie will offer them more aid
    Boris will have his dick in his hand
    Hogan Howe will simply be late and miss it all
    As for Cameron he will be on the phone to the EU and then will talk toughish, which will be akin to being savaged by a soggy barmcake.He is nothing more than a liberal appeasement stooge.

    We're in the shit, shipmate.

  2. Great post and great comment above.

    The modus operandi was different from the Boston terror attack, but the type of attack was similar, in terms of size of group, with little or no connections to recognised and monitored terrorist groups. The marked difference is our Country's reaction to this tragic event.

    In Boston, they shut the whole of the City down, and rolled out a display of strength that rivalled Kim Jong Un's North Korea within hours. In Britain, the Police hide round the corner whilst a cub scout leader reasons with the armed loonies until eventually, someone turns up to shoot them along with a Police legal team, to sort out any potential left wing backlash.

    Then far right groups, rightly enraged by the incident, as we all are, but moreso anticipating the complete lack of any show of force or control by their British countrymen, turn out looking like Kendo Nagasaki singing football terrace-style chants, and then 100s of Police suddenly appear in force with battering rams, shields etc.

    In America various leaders of Councils and government go on television, vow to catch everyone involved, and launch the biggest security operation ever seen in Boston. They catch the men, quickly check links to ensure there are no others, and roll out the largest amount of guns, grenades, rocket launchers and armed vehicles whilst re-iterating on TV in not so many words, 'we'll take you all down, so come on, bring it'.

    Meanwhile, in Britain, a warning is issued to all army personnel. Don't wear your uniforms outside.

  3. Lessons Will Be Learned: Nothing Will Be Done.

    See, you feel better already reading that, right?