Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Vanishing with a Poof!

Charges that David Cameron is out of touch with his party and by extension the party’s supporters are getting pretty hard to ignore. Half his parliamentary party opposed him on Europe and now they’ve gone on to further scar him over the gay marriage business. Ooh, he should scratch their eyes out!

To demonstrate just how relevant he is to the Conservative Party at large he is battling Swivel-eyed Loonygate by insisting he’s not sneering at the party faithful, yet simultaneously doing a deal with the devil Labour to pass a bill which has direct relevance to a tiny minority and urgency to almost nobody. To the 98% of the population, who are not gay – and that’s based on ONS findings – whilst equality in the law is undoubtedly important it comes a long way down a very long list of priorities. Is our Nero fiddling while the country burns?

Whatever Peter Tatchell and Stonewall and the militant element of the LGBT community want you to believe it is hardly the case that homosexuals are being horribly persecuted for their orientation and the survey reporting that three-quarters are in favour of single sex marriage is not so much a hearty “Yes!”, rather a “Yeah, whatever” response to what is seen as more irrelevant politicking on the Westminster stage.

There is concern that this out-of-the-blue enthusiasm for the adoption of gay marriage legislation in several EU countries simultaneously is being driven not by the needs of the those directly affected but by some sinister drive towards yet more Euro- conformity. There is a clear logic to the belief that the drive for this legislation is external to Britain but the facts are elusive. I’m not entirely convinced by the Berlinguer Report theory, but to some, this is the source.

Meanwhile, in Oklahoma City a genuine emergency is playing out as ninety-one people died and many were injured and/or trapped in the aftermath of a devastating tornado. As the focus of the world turns to the USA it is a timely reminder that nature has the ability to impose real emergency and real harm genuinely out of the blue.

No natural disaster for David Cameron

 What is happening to the Conservatives is no natural disaster, it is a calamity entirely of human making. The Book of Hosea, in the Hebrew Bible says, "they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind". David Cameron is probably praying for a natural disaster to distract attention from the whirlwind set to engulf him. A big, gay whirlwind coming to suck him off up and spit him out. 

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