Tuesday, 7 May 2013

White Riot!

It’s surprising how quickly the moderate view can be drowned out by those with a more radical agenda. Radical, of course is code for progressive, which is code for something that may have been radical in the mid-nineteenth century, since when it has been directly and indirectly responsible for millions of deaths, internments, and painful 're-education'. Communism, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Trotskyism, Maoism… Socialism; call it what you will, the notion (ONE Notion, note.) of forcing the sheep to tend the herd is at best a misunderstanding of human nature, at worst a murderous ideology for ill-defined purpose.

That’s not to say that people cannot live and prosper in harmony and some form of stratified equality where they have small numbers such as the old supposed sub-150 member tribal population, but where almost any large-scale version of socialism has been tried it has failed, largely due to bringing about economic ruin, resulting in misery for almost everybody.

One of the original Communist Party Manifesto aims was to bring about proletariat control via the breakdown of the bourgeois society, whose principle expression found itself in the nuclear family. Promote difference, attack familial norms, debase traditional marriage and criminalise dissent. Most of all drown out the free speech of the many with the strident and authoritarian shrieking of the ‘enlightened’ few.

In the news this week is the well-established phenomenon of ‘white flight’, a reality I have witnessed at first hand and which is brought about by entirely natural fears and aspirations. When even the sainted Trevor Phillips warns about it you know that concerns must be taken seriously. And there’s your first problem. As Lee Jasper and Diane Abbott both assert, only white people can be racist, so any discussion raised from the ranks of the dispossessed must be nullified by cries of ‘racism’. Attempts to be reasonable about what racism actually is are once again stamped upon.

On Sunday I saw this tweet from Laurie Penny:

To which I replied:

Laurie, to her credit, declined to comment. I hope that’s because she actually believes in free speech. But various other righteous leftie types were more vociferous and waded in to have a go. Teeth slightly bared, their guttural ejaculations mostly impugned my intelligence, effectively holding the Abbott/Jasper line and saying in effect – almost certainly without knowing his stance - that Trevor Phillips was wrong. I do like a bit of black-on-black attack, or is that racist?

Those who will brook no debate are either blind or stupid. Labour deliberately encouraged mass immigration at a level it knew would exacerbate the problem, A belated  craven apology from Ed Miliband is far too little, far too late. While Hitler herded his hated populations into ghettoes, our governments have allowed certain communities, invited here, to build their own ghettoes and effectively eject the indigenous population. There are places in the UK where the formation of walled, guarded citadels, self-governing caliphates in all but name, seems almost inevitable. So much for multiculturalism – few people were ever as tolerant as the good old Brits who are now a dying race.

Still, at least there's a new game for the inner-city school playground: 

Playtime at St Cuthbert's... But Where's Whitey?


  1. When I was a kid in Manchester there was the odd few. My dad used to say: 'but they're doing the job the white man won't do' I expect now, bless him, he's turning in his grave. Because now, where I come from, I'm in the minority? Which is why I moved away ..

  2. I called Penny out on a ridiculous PC tweet of hers about immigrant children feeling bad after reading the papers the morning after the recent council elections. i.e. "Do immigrant children read papers and do immigrant children understand English?" She replied, fuck off and blocked me. Standard lefty response, denigrate, then ignore anyone that doesn't agree with the collective.

  3. I'm white and live in Bradford, never heard of Laurie Penney,(we're a thick lot up North) but suggest she comes and lives here for a while to see what life is really like.

  4. Laurie Penny is a self obsessed media whore who purports to be a lefty activist, the only active thing she possesses is her credit card.

  5. Haha yes indeed, you really don't hear an awful lot of support for socialism from poor Labour supporters. They think Labour or whatever the socialist offering du jour calls itself is on the side of the ordinary worker. Hilarious if not so tragic. Chatting to my neighbours who are tribal Labour to the very core of their being, they somehow believe what in what I believe... I daren't tell them that makes them Conservative!

  6. I don't know that the old socialist/capitalist divide descriptions really work any more. You certainly couldn't call British or Australian labour parties socialist anymore and conservatives are quite happy to interfere in the free market. Politics is more about glib catch phrases for the increasingly ephemeral media than real policies. Oh, for benefit of person above, I'm from conservative rural working class roots, got education under enlightened lefty policies in Australia and am a "lefty" (socially, at least)- so there are a few of us :-)