Saturday 11 May 2013

The Reason for Treason?

I wasn’t going to write a blog today  - I often don’t at the weekend - but then I found this piece in the Telegraph: Ed Miliband nails his colours to the Euro-mast and says a referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union is wrong.

He says Labour will always stand up for the national interest.

So it was in the national interest to bankrupt the country by subsidising already-failed heavy industries, preventing investment in new industries and new jobs? It was in the national interest that for a decade or more under Labour’s influence there was a strike somewhere in the country on any working day you’d care to mention? And it was in the national interest to borrow more than any government in history with no plan to ever pay back the debt, at the same time as deliberately opening our borders, bringing in cheap labour to displace a generation of British workers for a lifetime and create state dependency on hitherto unknown levels?

And his answer to the trouble and strife and socially engineered mischief engendered under Labour’s collusion with the EU is… more Labour and more EU?

“A diverse, multi-ethnic Britain is one of things that makes our country great”, he says. This not long after he admitted Labour got immigration wrong. Just as the miners’ strike devastated Labour's core communities, their version of multiculturalism – monocultural ghettoes – has once again brought blight on their own most steadfast voters. Just how much contempt does labour have for its loyal but confused constituents?

If it were just Labour there would be little to fear. Surely the penny must drop at some point that the left’s pickpocketing ways cannot continue when all the pockets are sewn up? But it’s not just Labour is it? David Cameron may be squirming a little just now, but sure as eggs is eggs he will find a way to renege on his hollow promise to offer a choice. And the whispered referendum pledge by Nick Clegg  just five years ago has also fallen by the wayside.

For forty years I have seen referendums offered and the offers whisked away, replaced by failed negotiations which have always ended up with us further up to our nuts in Europe’s guts. For forty years I have never seen a reasoned justification for ignoring the clear will of that portion of the population who have a strong and informed opinion. What I have seen is Jean Monnet’s plan for a Federal Europe advanced by stealth, year on year.

I can't believe anybody voted for this.

We CAN exit the EU. And we CAN do it with little strife and we CAN take control of our own affairs and it WILL bring us greater prosperity and a sense of nation once again. But first we have to take control of our political classes who, it is quite clear, currently have all their strings pulled by Europe.  To be in the pay of a foreign power, working to undermine the true national interest has a name. And until Tony Blair changed the law, it was a hanging offence. 


  1. "bringing in cheap labour to displace a generation of British workers" & "was a strike somewhere in the country on any working day"
    Oh deary me...sounds like a "little englander" to me

    1. Better a 'little Englander' than an even tinier European. You are clearly exactly the indoctrinated voter that Labour rely on. I've seen all of which I write. Unlike you I believe we profit not one jot by continued membershipmof a scheme which has the interests of none of its people at heart.

    2. "was a strike somewhere in the countryon any working day" simply states the truth, which anyone who was alive at the time could confirm.

  2. ..No I think the EU needs a swift kick ..but believe Britain better in than out .
    Take it u guys think unions are the basis of all evil ?
    As for indoctrinated ..Never !!

    1. Better off in? Then you are either very young, welfare dependent, an unthinking socialist or you just haven't been paying attention.As for the unions, I have written of my support for their original purposes, but I grew up during the time when they were unrepetant communists with a clear agenda for the destruction of Britain as an independent and free nation.

      Unions good, Marxists bad.

    2. Do you think the "little englander" version of why we shd leave is in complete harmony with the neo liberal free enterprise capitalist types for whom the EU is not such a bad deal..I know about "trading with China" etc but were talking realities ?

  3. Anyone with an IQ >99 can see that unless you're on the gravy train (government/EU/benefits) we MUST get away from that cancer the UK has growing on its face called the EU.

  4. Batsby, Cameron could shoot the UKIP Fox and place Labour & Lib Dems into the dustbin of history, by pushing for a new law that makes Party Manifesto's legally binding.

    The fine would be inconsequential, but the message that Tory's would give a in/out vote would be enshrined in law. Every UKIP supporter would have to vote Conservative, especially as Labour have ruled out the referendum.

    What do political parties have to fear about putting a legal obligation behind their election promises?

  5. You know I worry when I agree with you; must be sickening for something. But I do with this. Good piece. Very apt..

    1. Don't panic. It's a sign you are being cured.

  6. uKip alot Ian:
    Great piece by Battersby- Labour will not give a referendum because its socialist ideologies are reinforced by a socialist dominated European Parliament & an unelected European Commission which amongst its 28 members, has an ex maoist communist President, 6 other ex communists, 1 who is a member of the marxist wing of SWP & an ex CND member who has still not adequately answered questions about CND allegedly receiving from Russia.
    It was well known that Labour politicians in the 70/80s were dominated by left wingers with communist connections. Always putting their ideologies before the interests of the UK people. Ed Miliband's Father was a marxist and I have no doubt that he learnt their ways of deceiving the electorate into voting for them so they can continue their policies of mass immigration to alter the demography of the electorate eternally in their favor. This combined with a left wing EU Commission hell bent on a Federal Europe asap will ensure a soviet style EUSSR in Europe for decades with the catastrophic consequences of the destruction of nation hood & economic collapse.
    Our present weak mediocre politicians have neither the aptitude or backbone to tell the EU enough is enough.

    There is now only one option - for the UK to leave the EU as soon as possible - that option means voting UKIP.