Wednesday 15 May 2013

Nothing to see here

So, once again the phenomenon of Muslim ‘street grooming’gangs is in the news, this time in Oxford.

Victims repeatedly reported rape or other sexual abuse but not until their abusers were convicted at the Old Bailey did police and social services apologise for failing to respond to their repeated cries for help. More than 50 girls were groomed, tortured, raped and sold to other men for sex around the country. I expect the girls are over the moon at the apologies, don’t you? As I write, they are still mealy-mouthing their cringing words on Radio 4.

The usual public handwringing and empty talk of ‘failure to listen’ and ‘missing opportunities’ and ‘learning lessons’ are offered in place of the action that should have been taken long ago. Abused by their tormentors, neglected by their carers, then let down by their supposed defenders, this is an all-too familiar story. Cue the authorities bending over backwards to pull the usual sleight of hand by refusing to emphasise the cultural origins of the gangs, instead spreading the blame to all men everywhere – anything to avoid being labelled racist. Not good enough, society, not good enough at all.

As I’ve observed before I can handle being called racist by the wilfully ignorant grievance industry; that accusation is fired off so regularly it’s become a devalued term of abuse and even a joke insult now, but change one letter of that descriptor and you can ruin a life. As if to distract from the Islamic flavour, the Met Police were anxious we should know that white men do it too – these white men just happen to be from Eastern Europe.

But there’s a much wider point and one that is obvious to everybody who lives outside the cloistered world of Westminster, university campuses and gated estates. Rampant drug use, rape, assault, sex trafficking, knife crime, torture, begging, theft, vandalism, wilful casual violence - as the population gets larger and more diverse, so does the malignant criminality diversify and increase in frequency. There’s a minor civil war going on out there.

The well-known and applauded British sense of fair play and tolerance was always based on the principle of live and let live. Well, many incoming communities don’t play by those rules. The sex gangs obviously see a fresh crop of naïve, groomable ‘stock’ in which to trade. The beggars, thieves and cheats see rich pickings in our crowded cities. And yet another example of an entire community who doesn't wish to play by our rules is the group euphemistically called ‘travellers’.

We’ve always had Gypsies in the land, but they used to be few in number and although never trusted they did make a habit of, you know, travelling and thus spreading their impact and visibility thinly. Rupert the Bear even had a colourful gypsy family as an exotic and rare group of occasional friends. That much Gypsy we could cope with. But news came in last night that residents’ concerns over the granting of a new permanent ‘travellers’ site in York have been ridden roughshod over and the site is to go ahead.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. Modern day Gypsies have become another form of protected species, yet they don’t return the favour; they don’t live and let live. Even on permanent maintained sites they spread squalor and criminality and impose fear and misery on the communities they blight.

What all these examples have in common is quite simply, in comparison to long-held British standards and ethics, an overwhelming ‘otherness’. They don’t belong, they don’t and won’t fit in and yet those who need never endure their often quite devastating impact insist there is no problem. The Communist determination to disrupt and destroy (yes destroy) our society is almost complete. The kids are indoctrinated to accept any form of subjugation to the will of government and they don’t even see it. In a generation the last of the true British people will die out. I don’t see that as an improvement to the world, but it seems our ‘rulers’ do.

Our leaders - always on the fiddle

Yes, we have always had immigration. Yes we are enriched (don’t you hate that word) by integration and yes, to mix is undoubtedly a good thing, but that’s not what this is. This is an invasion. It is not racist, or xenophobic or any other form of bigotry to set out what is or isn't acceptable behaviour. It is not wrong to seek to restore Britishness to Britain. And it is not wrong to utterly reject the formation and growth of destructive sub-cultures within our shores. Only if we can wrest back control from the appeasement-monkeys in Westminster will we ever have a chance to bring Britain back from the brink.


  1. I heard the national anthem in the background whilst reading the last paragraph

  2. Always interesting that the people who maintain there is no problem with hordes of non-Brits coming to Britain, especially those who often bringing their savage non-civilisation with them, is that they can get out quick if the sh*t hits the fan. They have money and can get to the airport fast in time to save their own skins.

  3. great essay..enjoyed the clairity.

  4. Have a good look at this video.

    Anyone who thinks that there is no racial/religious component to these crimes is simply blowing bubbles out of their arse.