Monday 16 February 2015


It seems the Labour Party edged ahead again in the polls over the weekend. What is wrong with you people? Now I know that each side of the political divide has its adherents who won’t be budged but is the ‘caring left’ propaganda so deeply embedded it can’t be questioned, even for a moment? The situation we are in at the moment -  afeared of strangers, almost bankrupt, skills shortages and education failures, the bloody, sodding, shitting six-days-to-save-the-NHS ‘crisis’, is largely as a result of socialism and its defining need to dictate and control.

And one of the ways it does this is by endlessly promoting itself as the only party with a claim to the moral high ground and that the Tories are driven by hatred and avarice. Iain Duncan Smith’s entirely admirable crusade to lift those trodden into the deep ruts of society to a level where they can contribute rather than just take is billed as a dirty attack on ‘the most vulnerable’. Labour might want to consider for one moment just how it is that those people became locked into welfare dependency in the first place and ponder Labour’s part in it.

But of course that can’t happen, can it? The only concern of any political party seems to be power itself and not what could be done with it. Thinking two moves ahead? Give over, the election is all there is; after that it’s business as usual and if Labour were to get in (come on, Miliband as PM?) they will spend us back into hell. The one thing that Labour never appear to be capable of is explaining where all the money is actually going to come from. Unrestrained socialism will only ever end up with everybody becoming poorer; poor in pocket, poor in aspiration.

Without capitalism, socialism simply cannot afford itself, so the apparent coming together of the two opposing forces in the fictional battle for (or is it against) the planet sounds at first glance as if there may be an accord. The climate racket is perfect for both because it panders to their own knee-jerk inclinations. Labour get to control ordinary people’s behaviour by taxing them into fuel poverty, while the Tories get to reward the already well off by passing those taxes off as subsidies to incentive landowners and big business. It’s a complete stitch-up cluster-fuck and the only losers are – well they’re not referred to as ‘the most vulnerable’ for nothing.

You want ‘joined up’ government? This is as joined up as it gets. Joining together to promote a hobby horse which, in fifty years will be studied and criticised as intensively as the sub-prime scandal which led to the 2008 crash. Responding to Labour’s dog whistle will get you poor quicker, but will the Tories pale blue be much better? If the government won’t think two steps ahead then we should; back blue for now to keep us solvent but don’t expect anything in return. The only one who is going to look after your concerns is you. If you don’t believe that then, frankly, you deserve what you get.

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