Saturday, 7 February 2015

Staying on message...

If UKIP is a racist party then so is the Labour Party; so is every party. In fact Labour are possibly greater bigots because they vehemently discriminate against anybody who doesn’t agree with their absurd and contradictory notions of ‘multicultural equality and diversity’. According to this bizarre creed you are a racist if you are concerned about the adverse effects of rapid mass immigration but not racist if you ignore the prolonged and systematic abuse of white girls; it’s okay because the rapists are brown, see? You are a sexist monster if you hold open a door for a female but a defender of cultural determinism if you stand idly by as savages hack slices of flesh from between the legs of brown girls. Wait, I’m confused; is brown good or bad, now?

If you earn millions and stash your cash offshore you are either a predatory monster whose assets must be seized and redistributed or else you are a wonderful example of how hard work, gritty determination and talent can be harnessed to perform untold goodness. The only difference is where your allegiances lay; Labour tax avoiders are saints, Tory ones are the distilled essence of pure malice… and were there any prominent Ukip ones no doubt they would be both malicious and racist. Under Labour’s breathtakingly partisan political correctness the displacement of poor white communities is fine, so long as Pakistani ghettoes are allowed to take over their former homes. If ‘community cohesion’ required white flight then Labour would round up the cattle trucks.

And so we come to Rotherham, the most prominent example, among many, of the very worst outcomes of Labour’s social policies. If Labour really did want to make things better their best move would be to hang their heads in shame, resign their positions and shut the fuck up for a generation. So deep has their collective hive-mind embedded the barn door doctrines that they are incapable of seeing that their emperor has been naked for years. But no, while Rotherham’s failed children’s services and child protection officials have been dispersed to even more lucrative positions – in charge of somebody else’s children’s services – their local ‘Champion’ has the sheer brass neck to still wave the red flag.

As Nigel Farage went to Rotherham to help launch Jane Collins’ campaign to break Labour’s stranglehold on the area, Labour’s financiers, the unions, threw together a rent-a-mob to shout and scream ‘racist’ and threaten possible physical action. Way to go, Labour, deny freedom of expression with menaces… in the name of freedom of expression. Of course and as always, your speech is only free if you agree. The drum of cognitive dissonance must beat so hard in the inner ear of Labour activists that it is only bearable within the confines of crippling mental infirmity.

Andrew Neil made the devastating point that Labour’s handling of the Rotherham scandal was akin to the behaviour of the bankers with nobody brought to book and business as usual. If Sarah Champion thinks presenting a challenge to a failed administration is ‘playing politics’ what does she think brushing Labour’s failures under the carpet, crying racist, deploying brainwashed gobby thugs and continuing to ignore cries for change is?

When the allies march into the chilling devastation wrought by years of political correctness, segregation and blind adherence to dogma in the face of truth; when the photographs of victims finally being vindicated hit the world’s press; when the furnaces running twenty-four-seven destroying evidence are seized and shut down; when the perpetrators are finally brought to book, will their defence be “We were only following orders”?


  1. For the first time in my life (52) I don't know how to vote, I hate them all and all their policies. I have voted labour since 18 and now don't know what to do. Am I wimping out if I don't vote this time around. I am watching 'Inside the Commons' with interest and yes I will watch the Casual Vacancy and probably the political aspect of the story will pass me by 'cos I ain't clever.
    All the party political broadcasts will confuse me and quite frankly I'm tempted by the party (which one??) that said it will reduce university fees because that is close to home right now.
    As to voting - "I'll think about it tomorrow" to quote Scarlett O'Hara.

    1. One thing is for certain; if you vote for Labour you will be helping nobody. They captured the rhetorical high ground many years ago, branding Tories as heartless capitalist lackeys but in my lifetime (57) it has always been Labour that impoverished us, leaving the Conservatives to do the unpopular job of digging us out of the mire.