Sunday, 26 April 2020


Nobody can be in any doubt that we have entered the month of ramadan, a word unknown to 99% of Britons in the 1970s, but now known to everybody. Not least because at every possible opportunity we have islam rammed down our throats. When people speak of diverse communities they often mean segregated, ethnically monocultural islamic ghettoes, yet when politicians get to wooing their future core voters they are fulsome with their praise for all the wonders islam brings.

There’s… well there’s the science and technology for a start. Listening to some sycophants you would be led to believe that everything in the modern world was invented by nomadic desert dwellers in the middle ages. And then there are the simply marvellous advances in human rights. As everybody knows, the muslim culture embraces equality for all; let us never forget what they have done to advance the causes of feminism and acceptance of LGBT lifestyles.

Oh, lazy, I hear you cry; going for the same old anti-islamic tropes. Well, why not, I say, because they are there, in plain sight, even though an increasing number of dhimmies refuse to see it. There’s another islamic word that has entered into our lexicon, along with halal, haram, jihad and many, far too many more. This creeping acceptance of a culture which is simply incompatible, without reform, with a modern world is brushed aside by our representatives in Parliament in a manner which is almost sinister.

What’s brought all this on? Well, you can’t have failed to observe that on England’s patron saint’s day, the great and the good were falling over themselves to wish us all a happy… ramalama-ding-dong. But now the Limp Dumbs have gone a step further and taken up a suggestion by one of their local councillors that they undertake the Ramadan fast and share their joy at the new understanding this will bring. Already we have seen tweets declaring this intent along with pictures of pre-dawn breakfasts and self-applause at dusk.

This could be seen as simple, cynical vote-grooming, but the Labour Party is already the official party of islam on these shores and I very much doubt that the Libdems can muster the level of doublethink that hard-left Labourites are brought up on; when it comes to hypocrisy Labour has all the cards. But I don’t think it is simple politicking, I think it’s worse. In the excellent but depressing book Submission, the French author Michel Houellebecq describes a France which, without a shot being fired, is quietly conquered by islam.

Read it and weep, for what he portends is already in an advanced stage both in France and here in the UK. And it is our own fault. Terrified at the prospect of offending minorities successive UK governments and official bodies, universities, police ‘services’, the judiciary and large sections of the media have gone out of their way to accommodate them. And the biggest ‘minority’ (which is a clear majority in many boroughs) for decades has been the followers of mohammad (peas be upon him).

As a result, standards have been relaxed and limited shortlists have been introduced to allow recruitment based on criteria other than merit. The police, the army, the NHS and other public purse organisation have been relentlessly bombarded with diversity propaganda until it has become a mantra: brown face good, white face bad. Advertising, although driven by profit, has followed the trend, so wherever you turn you are presented an image of Britain which bears no resemblance to the one in which you live… unless you live in the woke bubble of Medialand.

The steady drip, drip, drip of Islamification is a process which, unlike open warfare, is hard to combat. We have a democratic system, notwithstanding electoral fraud, which allows anybody to stand. And we have electoral wards where the overwhelming majority will put muslim representatives into office. We have politically correct governance which promotes inclusion and applauds whenever a non-white, non-Christian is appointed to the cabinet, then calls for more. And we voted for all of this. Make no mistake: The future is dark; the future is islam.


  1. Excellent if somewhat sombre appraisal of the current situation. I've made the point countless times on Going Postal and on twitter. There needs to be open and frank debate, but I can't see it happening, any time soon. Observing Ramadan, as a non Muslim, is silly at best and dangerous at worst. It also implies an acceptance of religious sacrifice. A strange position (or maybe not) for any "Liberal" to adopt.

    1. If you haven't you really ought to read 'Submission', as referenced in the blog. It has a certain veracity about it and I think it will come to pass pretty much as predicted.
      We are already, I think, beyond the point of no return for any peaceful resistance to work and the only 'solution' would be a pogrom, which will never happen.

  2. Let us salute Ramadan with a pint of good English ale and enjoy our roast pork Sunday lunch. I do respect other cultures but there is a lot to be said for " When in Rome do as the Romans do". I wouldn't drink ale or eat pork in a Muslim country but the is England, Cheers Batsby.