Saturday, 4 April 2020

Ah, but that's what they WANT you to think!

Well, what an entertaining few days on The Twitter. We have passed from Wuhan biological weapons theory into far more fertile nutjob conspiracy action. 5G, by all accounts – well by some accounts – is a space weapon, wielded by, among others, Elon Musk, designed to subjugate and sterilise … and possibly eradicate, the human race, to what purpose none of the theorists can really explain. One such gullible, tinfoil-hat-wearing advocate led us to the Georgia Guidestones: As prophetic and meaningful as the Edstone, I’d say.

Then there is a plethora of this kind of hysterical nonsense:  There you have it, folks, 5G radiation ‘locking out oxygen, in the blood’, in order to kill people… AND make them into slaves. Wait, what; dead slaves? Ah, but there’s more; apparently a miracle vaccine will be produced and rolled out by edict. And this ‘vaccination’ will involve microchipping you so that you can be controlled by some shadowy central force. Even at Looney Toon levels of sophistication this would be an unwatchable movie.

But we do love a good conspiracy and the scale doesn’t have to be global; in the UK people are spreading the idea that the coronavirus crisis has been deliberately mishandled, or ineptly tackled by the Tories because they want to… what, exactly, kill off their elderly voter base? But hang on; for the last four years the same idiots have been claiming that ‘old people’ want to steal the future of the young. But why would they? Those young are THEIR offspring and grandkids. You would have to be monumentally gullible to believe any of this for one second.

It’s like the idiots who believe that the aim of capitalism is to keep people poor. But, but, but, rich people want to keep the money for themselves! Of course they do; so would you, were you so fortunate. Nobody sets out to acquire wealth for the sole purpose of redistribution to the less industrious. Yet rich people do redistribute much of their wealth; they pay far more in taxes than low earners and then often pay again by procuring private healthcare, education, transport, etc.

Besides, capitalists grow rich by selling things; impoverishing the majority does not help their cause one little bit. If anything it is the socialist system whereby a select few people become wealthy for selling unsubstantiated opinion, for peddling arguments about gender identity and unattainable ‘equality’ and so on, which is the enemy of the poor. Money which could otherwise be put to use to create wealth, or food, or medicine is instead funnelled into the coffers of vested, but unhelpful interests.

Of course, if you are unemployed, in poor health and with poor prospects ahead it is tempting to imagine that powerful forces are ranged against you. But ask yourself this; why? Why would governments, captains of industry, religions or otherwise want to grind you further into the dirt? There is no gain for any of them. In fact the very opposite is more likely. Compassion is not the exclusive preserve of the Corbynites. And charity depends on there being an excess of resources.

The simple fact is you are far more likely to get reliable and consistent help under the British system of taxed capitalism than you are under any form of central planning. This has been proven again and again and again, yet many people are still susceptible to a Robin Hood narrative of ‘greedy Tories’ and rapacious ‘bankers’. It’s just as well such people are not running the show; if you really want bungled conspiracy, just imagine what the gullible led by the partisan, cheered on by the ignorant could achieve.


  1. I can't be doing with conspiracy theories or any kind of entrenched victim-hood. But the human is a pattern-seeking animal, looking for dots and joining them, and it probably goes with the territory. The sterilisation thing though....I feel we may be noticing, or we will, give it 1-2 more generations tops, the start of a general widespread decline in human fertility, and it's nothing to do with 5G. Or at least not per se, but the technology may be part of the wider picture. We are surely anyway, somewhere near the viable limit.

    1. If only the right people could be persuaded to breed less.
      I wonder what a world filled with the right quantity of intelligent human life would be like?

    2. Ain't going to happen Batsby, those that pay their own bills can only afford a few children. Reverse Darwinism?

  2. The optimal quantity of us ...hehe....wonder what that might be,and from what POV.