Monday, 20 April 2020

Notes from the Front Line

Covid Lockdown, Day 29 (I have been chalking up the days on my living room wall because I no longer trust calendars.). Dear Diary, Dear Friends: I would have hoped by now that this would all be over. I know for a fact that had Jeremy Corbyn (peace be upon him) – who is STILL my Prime Minister– had been in charge, this whole affair would have been sorted in a matter of days from the first knowledge of the virus. Yesterday’s Sunday Times article, which is a brilliant exposé of the government’s genocidal policy, could have been written by me, so closely did it mirror my thoughts and confirm all my suspicions. Surely the end is over for Boris the butcher now?

Also, the PPE crisis: Much has been made of the fact that a lot of the clinicians (the new title for nurses) appearing in social media and phoning in to talk radio stations are Labour supporters. Well, of course they are because only Labour cares. if MY Prime Minister had been in charge this wouldn’t have been an issue. As for the PPE made by Burberry and Barbour, it is clear that this is only going to be for Tory doctors, the rest being consigned/condemned to wear the pre-infected tat from sweatshops in Singapore.

Jeremy (pbuh) would have negotiated with his friends in the CCP and persuaded them not to send the virus our way and by this act of simple international cooperation and basic human kindness we would have been saved. The virus would then have been quietly de-fused and stored away in the laboratory fridge it came from. And he would have done all this without fanfare; as we know from his many former acts of international diplomacy he does this out of the goodness of his heart and as far away from press attention as possible, saint that he is.

Here in Britain the police state lockdown continues as neighbour spies on neighbour and the Stasi kick down people’s doors to drag pensioners off to the gulags for daring to collect prescriptions… for their parents. I haven’t seen any evidence of it here, yet, but I have it on good authority that gangs of thugs are roaming the streets and beating up anybody who looks like they might not have voted for Johnson’s government. We, the enlightened, need to look out for each other because we might not all get out alive. With the BBC clearly supporting this new-age Kristallnacht we have to be vigilant.

In the United States it is even worse, I hear. Satan – by which everybody knows I mean Donald Trump – has deployed the national guard and has already imprisoned most of the Democrat Senators. Machine gun posts have been built along the Mexican border and all state lines have been closed. This might not be what you hear in the mainstream media, but I know. Over thirty million people have already been disappeared for expressing the wrong opinion. Ask yourself, have you seen ANY broadcast news from the USA lately? No, you haven’t; I certainly haven’t, so it is unlikely that you have. And there is the proof.

People's Liberation Army uniform

But it turns out it is bigger than even I imagined. Through the network of contacts I have cultivated on Twitter, I can reveal that this is all really a cover for a globalist plot to rid the world of globalist plots. While the press are obsessed with bringing down the government there is no room for covering the great crusades of our age. These include climate action, gender diversity, the great race wars, open borders, defeating capitalism… all that great work gone and all for what? Freedom? Pah! You don’t deserve freedom!

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  1. Home brewing is a fine hobby Batsby but may I say at times like this it needs to be approached with a touch of caution. I hope like me you stocked up on supplies at the first talk of lock down :-).