Friday, 17 April 2020

Diary of a Survivor

Covid Lockdown, Day 25. Dear Diary, Dear Friends: I had hoped never to write these words but the enemy is now at the gates. During my time in lockdown I have become, like many of my faithful comrade followers, an expert epidemiologist and investigator. I am afraid to say I scoffed at the early warnings but having diligently researched the subject I now understand that 2 plus 2 equals 5G. Yes friends, it all makes sense now; I am not a ready believer in conspiracy theories, such as the idea that the Tory lockdown is to help the NHS cope – such bullshit – but the evidence trail is clear now.

You see – and there are videos to prove this if you look hard enough – the microwaves from this deadly network are set at the exact wavelength to interrupt the transfer of oxygen from the lungs to the bloodstream and the frequency just happens to interfere with the regular heart rhythm. Coincidence? I don’t think so. There is also incontrovertible video evidence of birds falling from the sky and rodents and even small dogs dropping dead in the vicinity of anybody using a mobile phone. You don’t believe me? Try making a call while your cat is between you and the nearest cell mast. See? You daren’t risk it, dare you?

Simultaneously, the Bill Gates Foundation, which directly funds the New World Order has managed to secretly develop the technology to shrink a spy down to a size at which he can be injected into your bloodstream, where he can travel to your brain and directly monitor, possibly even control, your thoughts. This will be achieved via the Gates Universal Vaccinen (GUV - short for guvernment, see?) which will be administered eventually to every person on earth.

Ah, you say, but under what authority will Bill get you to accept the vaccination? Here is where the World Health Organisation enters the scene. They purposefully said in January that the Covid-19 disease could not be spread by human contact, even though they funded the Wuhan lab to develop such a strain of virus. And who do you think funds the WHO? Think Microsoft and you won’t be far wrong. Ask yourself, do you know any Apple users with the virus? No. So there’s the proof.

How are these things linked? Well, the virus itself is pretty harmless, but – and here is the real result of my detailed investigation – 5G radiation activates the specially adapted Wuhan element. It is the catalyst which turns a cold into a killer. The lockdown is to prevent the spread of the virus? Pah. You already have the virus and all it is waiting for is for the cell phone network to be completed. Think about it; how much easier is it to erect those masts while the roads are clear and there is nobody around to ask why!

From my window I can see that what I always took to be an odd-looking tree is really a deadly 5G virus spreader. They were there, yesterday, tweaking, testing, or some such. And despite their high viz jackets and their BT Openreach van it was clear what they really were. Now I am not a racist but one of them had a distinctly oriental look about him, and I am enlightened enough to know what that means.

The principle of Occam’s Razor says the simpler explanation is the more likely, but that is clear bullshit and I am not fooled. “Stay home. Protect the NHS. Save lives”? Too simple!  Fortunately, I am made of sterner stuff and not gullible at all and it is obvious to all who will open their eyes that a secret lab in China, funded by an international cabal of illuminati, under the control of a Machiavellian billionaire has, without hitherto raising suspicion, developed a population killing virus activated by mobile phones. Under our very noses! I will update you once I know more. Stay safe.


  1. Clever stuff Mr. Keep it coming.

  2. Thanks for a super informative posting Batsby. I haven't used Microsoft products for years as being a cheap bastard I can get Linux free. Turns out it has probably saved my life then, well that and being too cheap to buy a smartphone. Never felt better and so glad you sorted it all out for me. You will be rewarded in the next life for all your hard work which is kind of handy as it means I don't have to reward you in this one.

    1. I do this as a public service. It is my gift. It is my curse...

  3. I'm OK. I've covered my head with tin foil...