Friday, 22 January 2021

Regime Change

So the baton has been passed, the pie-in-the-sky speeches intoned and the purge of the ‘far right’ has begun. It is imperative, they believe, that the Democrat administration roots out the evil people who 'Stormed the Capitol' by strolling up the hill on 6th January, and after being aggressively admitted were allowed to roam through the building, mostly aimlessly. Yes there was a bit of shouting and yes, some people had heart attacks in all the excitement... and this is why these treacherous dogs must be brought to heel.

Sleepy Joe’s favoured vibrant and far more worthy rioters celebrated the inauguration in time-honoured fashion, by setting light to businesses and offices, screaming obscenities and demanding more. That, of course, is the price of identity politics; give an inch on the gender front and you are surrendering yards and yards of hard won civilisation on every other fringe because, of course, Antifa, it turns out, are NOT your friends or allies. Damn, and you thought it would all be over by issuing a few executive orders to reinstate some of the policies which, in part were the reasons Trump was elected in the first place.

I watched The Comey Rule on Sky Atlantic over the last few nights and while it is a sympathetic telling of the former FBI Director’s story, Trump’s portrayal by Brendan Gleeson was the stuff of nightmares. I didn’t detect a single point in the whole dramatisation where any trace of humanity was shown. Trump was a one-dimensional manipulative monster and all his staff were fatuous and unsuited to their office. As drama it was clever and gripping; as polemic it was, frankly, rather full-on.

That such an excoriation of a sitting president was actually aired in the run up to the election would be astonishing if you had not been paying attention to the partisan nature of mainstream broadcast media. But in dismissing the entire Trump legacy in such a facile fashion you also condemn all those who voted for him as simply biddable. The new administration has been happy to talk about healing and unity while at the same time dismissing over 70 million voters as dangerously deluded, easily led or just downright stupid.

Lessons have been learned? Not about people, they haven’t. When the Biden edicts do nothing to improve the lives of those who denied the last Democrat candidate a spell in the White House where will they turn? They have been shown that their politics are not wanted here; they have been insulted and ignored, vilified and sidelined. What choice do some of the most passionate have other than to take up arms and become the revolutionary nightmare of the Dems worst imaginings, as the constitution demands?

If the exaggerated show of state military force on display for the lacklustre inauguration of a man who has made little memorable impact in politics over half a century is anything to go by, this president and his team will not hesitate to impose their will by any means necessary. And does this not go against every instinct of the Land of the Free? Oh, say, does the star-spangled banner yet wave? We’ll see.


  1. I thought that the sea of flags substituting for real people was a wonderfully ironic metaphor for Biden's election 'victory'.

  2. The partisan nature of thee msm was exactly the same after 9-11 re the false claims required to invade iraq.