Wednesday, 23 March 2022

Fertile Ground

 It surely cannot be right, can it, that the solution to falling fertility rates in the west can only be solved by bringing in enormous numbers of uneducated young men and giving them a free living off the state? Similarly, how is an employment crisis among the indigenous young fixed by displacing them with largely illegal workers who toil under the radar in exploitative industries? And why is it that somebody who has led a healthy, long life and paid taxes for over fifty years is expected to live on a subsistence pension worth somewhat less than half the supposed ‘living wage’?

If your entire economic model is propped up by consumption of unnecessary goods by people who cannot afford them, then there is something fundamentally wrong with your economic model. Furthermore, the associated costs to society – fragmentation, violence, fear and actual existential threat – are many times more than your army of the undeserving will ever bring to the coffers. The whole damn thing is broken and no politician in the land has the balls to even recognise the issues out loud, let alone propose effective means to tackle them.

In the Britain I grew up in – admittedly a somewhat dull, grey place at times – we were thrifty and saved for those rainy days. We saved to put down a deposit on an affordable house in which to establish our dynasties. Communities largely stayed together, with multi-generational family gatherings the rule rather than the exception. We believed in fixing the roof while the sun was shining and deferring gratification until we felt it was deserved and would be appreciated. Spoiling children, except on high days and holidays, was something only frivolous people did.

But today’s young don’t save – what’s the point? They can’t afford to buy a house, possibly ever, so the nesting instinct is somewhat dulled. And sod waiting when the whole of media, social or otherwise, tells them they deserve everything right here, right now. Just do it, they are instructed, so out goes the traditional rusty old banger we saved for and in comes the brand spanking new lease-plan Merc. (Forget the crusty old burghers of the WEF; ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ could have been coined by this generation.)

They have been told their future depends on immigration when in fact that future is being lost to a form of uncontrolled immigration which will cost us all our futures. They have been told that diversity is strength when diversity will rob them of their identity and make them ashamed of being born white. Once that was the winning ticket in the lottery of life. Today it is a ticket to the train of shame and a lifetime of self-flagellation for their ‘privileged’ skin colour.

Why, being berated daily for ancestors who did no wrong but are blamed for all the ills on Earth, would you want to bring children into the world? What incentive is there for somebody who can never afford a secure place to live to start a family? Instead of a naturally reproducing, productive and thriving home-grown society we are plunging headlong into a world where every city will be like Johannesburg. Those who can afford it will live inside heavily armed fortresses. Those who can’t afford it will have to fight for survival on the streets.

Somebody must have gamed all this. Think tanks must, surely, have posited the notion that all is not well. Somewhere there must be people who can both recognise the danger and act to counter it. Yet all we see, every day, is more and more blame being heaped upon the indigenous. Whether it is race, class, gender, foreign wars, wealth distribution, taxation, housing, justice… you name it, Whitey is to blame, and Whitey must pay.

If there is ever to be a future as good as the past once promised – and I very much doubt this is possible – we really do need to turn the clock back. For all the politicians’ pledges of jam tomorrow we are back in a time of great need. There will be hunger and homelessness ahead and yet still our western governments cling to the damaging doctrine of ever more immigration from the third world. For years we have been telling them ‘import the third world, get the third world’, but now we need tell them no longer. If they open their eyes and unblock their ears, they will see it and hear it everywhere they look.

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