Sunday 23 October 2011

It's a Puppet!

Traditions. Cultural values. Beliefs. Heritage. All sorts of words are used to justify the enormous effort some humans will go to in order not to evolve. As a society we seem to bend over backwards to accommodate the folklore, fable and myths of the daft, the simple and the criminal alike. We ask for little or no provenance, terrified of offending, for even a nano-second, the sensibilities of those we should really lampoon.

This week, the events at Dale Farm, the row over Ricky Gervais' use of the word 'mong' and the summary execution of 'Mad Dog' Gaddafi all revealed levels of belief - or unbelief - in imaginary ethnicity, umbrage and thralldom. Whatever your view, somebody, somewhere believes the opposite. Or worse; everybody, everywhere has another angle from which to take aim. It's a bugger innit?

From my gym this morning I watched the definitive yummy- mummy Susanna Reed presenting her Jeremy-Kyle-for-people-who-can-use-whole-sentences show, Sunday Morning Live. I have no idea what the issues were (Susanna you can watch with the sound off) but at least I know she's not for real. She's only on the telly and as much as I'd like it to be otherwise, there she'll stay.

So think on, Dinglings; whether it's god, Father Christmas, aromatherapy, the Easter Bunny, left-wing politics, Europe, football, the cosmos, Ant, Dec or Simon Cowell. Whatever you believe in, if you can't have it or prove it, in the words of the revered sage Brian Conley, "It's a puppet!".


  1. Where does that leave Sooty?

  2. Well currently, naked Sooty is doing duty as my personal hand-servant. If you want something doing... ;-)