Thursday 11 April 2013

Drama Queen

I’m from a deprived generation. I wasn’t lucky enough to be born into a mining community; I wasn’t lucky enough to be brought up to believe I deserved a job for life. I never inherited the right to harbour hatred for anybody who managed me, or for anybody who achieved success outside the confines of collective action. And I never did master the art of looking down on anybody who believed he could get by on his own merit without the permission of a shop steward.

Outside of the hive you have to do it all for yourself; there is nobody else to blame. But at least you don’t have to undergo the indignity of being spat on because your grandfather was a scab. In some caring communities the sins of the fathers will be visited upon the sons and bitter memories are long and twisted. I didn’t have the union to fight my corner, but I also didn’t have the unions to tell me and mine, forever and after, what to think and how to vote and who to hate.

When a company I worked for went into decline, or when I was made redundant or made up my own mind to leave, or on the one occasion I was constructively dismissed, I neither expected nor received assistance. It was my life, my decisions, my responsibility to accept the consequences, good or bad. It’s called freedom and it’s a good thing, but to some people it appears to be pure selfishness.

To Labour, Mick Phillpot was a product of Thatcherism. “Greed!” shrieked Glenda Jackson, among others blaming the actions of every bad British citizen on the legacy of somebody who left power over two decades ago. This is the same opposition who snarl and spit at whatever the coalition proposes to rein in thirteen years of Labour profligacy, which ended just the other day. Of course, not a single Labour MP ever claimed dubious expenses or took lucrative seats on boards; no union leader ever earned a salary way in excess of those he represented, or demanded free living for life and as we all know, Lord John Prescott fought tooth and nail not to be ennobled.

Always with the shouting and the spittle, the Left, always the apoplectic outrage. High drama. No wonder they attracted an Oscar winner to their ranks. It’s a wonder she isn’t rolled out to rend her garments in public more often. Perhaps they could erect a small stage for her at the funeral next week, where she can give her Ophelia... to an audience of none. Those staging their own little protests will selfishly try and disrupt the occasion. But their hysterical ranting will be drowned out by the quiet dignity of those they despise so much.

Glenda in The Commons Yesterday

Maybe this is the fundamental difference between Left and everybody else. The Left live in frenzied denial of human nature and treat every manifestation of it with visceral loathing as a thing to be suppressed, subjugated and legislated into change. Whereas everybody else accepts the animal that we are and then we shrug and try to rise above it.


  1. We should organise a leftard action day and when they are collected together in one place...nuke the fuckers. The world would be a much nicer cleaner place without the garbage they leave everywhere. No more bile and abuse, no more spittle. No more smashed windows, no more burnt out cars. No more greedy grasping pond life infecting every thing with their hate driven politics of envy.

    A pox on all leftards, may their balls turn square and fester so they cannot breed again... oh well.

    1. Free holiday to North Korea anyone? ;)

      PS. Make this message provider take twitter logins please :)


  2. Your blog is like the entertainment section of the papers to me! I'm SICK to the back teeth of hearing about it all - radio. Reading about it all- Twitter and watching it all - TV. I wish North Korea would press the button so there would be something else to be rammed down one's throat.
    *Goes back to her knitting*

    1. Will you also be knitting when the gallows are erected?

    2. I'm busy knitting a nuclear fallout shelter!

  3. It must depend on what you read - I've been reading The Mail who is equally as convinced that Mick Phillpot is a product of the lefty benefit scrounging society we live in, first time I heard someone blaming the right. I actually believe he is someone who would take advantage of anyone - the state, his partners, his children and his friends. Just a nasty piece of work who would be a nasty piece of work no matter what society he was in, left or right.
    Sou (sorry had to post as anonymous as no url)

    1. Oh ALL of the left blame what they like to call the right for Philpott. It started straight away with Ed Balls trying to imply that Osborne had blamed the Welfare State when he'd done no such thing and quickly snowballed to the inevitable Godwin moment when - the only thing they've got left - Mrs Thatcher entered the narrative. At that point (blaming Thatcher) all credibility is lost and the good guys win the argument, yet the dupes still vote for Labour. Go figure...

  4. Sorry Batts but you've gone too far this time.... The piece started well but lost ALL credibility and good sense when you added the picture entitled 'Glenda in The Commons Yesterday'. Utter rubbish and you should be ashamed of yourself! The lady in the picture is much too beautiful go anywhere near representing 'Glenda in The Commons Yesterday, the day before, the day before that or ever!!!'
    Buck your ideas up man or lose me forever.
    Chris W.

  5. One thing I will never forgive Thatcher for is the fact that she died a week after the Philpott/welfare thing was enjoying a media feeding frenzy.

    I was really looking forward to this week's 'Question Time' and the idiotic arguments which would have spewed forth from the Left in favour of generous welfare provision etc.

    'This Week' would also have been more entertaining than it usually is too. Especially if Portillo & Campbell had had to square up to each other.

    As for Glenda Jackson, the has-been should be treated with the contempt she has demonstrated that she deserves.

    Sadly, Mrs Thatcher's demise has ensured that both this week and the coming week will indeed be good weeks to bury any further bad news - unless of course Mr Gangam-Style decides to unleash his nukes from north korea......

  6. Jackson deserves the face God has given her. Screwed up and spiteful..

    A good blog.

    Oh how I wish they had dropped some agent orange on Trafalgar square the other day (after the police and horses had withdrawn of course).