Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Whose side are we on?

So, we can start allegedly illegal wars with impunity, we can invade other people’s countries, we can detain internees in Guantanamo almost indefinitely, we can enact laws unvoted for, we can ignore the wishes of the electorate until the cows come home yet we can’t get rid of a loathsome shitbag who hates us and preaches our destruction at every turn. Hava Banana remains under British protection at vast cost despite not even being a UK citizen and being wanted in Jordan to face terrorism charges. True or not – really, who cares? - many attribute all of this to the undue influence exerted by the European Courts on British judicial decision making.

Meanwhile the Bishop of Exeter decides to play politics by doing his bit to undermine the possibility of renegotiating Britain’s relationship with the European Union by tut-tutting in his purple frock and suggesting that David Cameron’s reforming rhetoric is damaging to what he refers to as the European Soul. Europe has a soul? Ah, that’ll be us then, the European Arsehole, backward-looking, apologetic for our former proud past and forever cringing and cap-wringing and self-flagellating and forcing subjugation on ourselves.

Scare stories, lies and deceit. “Bigger is better.” “United we stand.” “Better off in than out.” “We need each other.” What sheer claptrap. The only thing that bigger buys you is more government. More bureaucrats filling ever more virtual filing cabinets with ever more indecipherable Euro diktat. More directives, more laws, more fucking diversity, possibly the most destructive policy towards unity ever invented and by the last government’s own admission deliberately foisted upon us in an effort to cripple any attempt by other parties to appeal to the true British character. You racists, you.

Why do we always end up doing what others want? Do we have some craven national desire to be popular? Why can’t we tell everybody else to fuck off while we mind our own business and strive to once again be good at something? Why do we pour gazillions into the European money brazier when we need it right here? Why do we allow ourselves to be bullied by a government we didn’t elect in an institution we despise?

Because big is not beautiful, big is not efficient. Big is bureaucratic, big is clumsy... big is bollocks. I’m working this week at an NHS Trust, speaking at first hand to employees of the world’s fourth largest employer and what is their experience of ‘the cuts’? You guessed it – fewer on the front line, more in management. Management never acts in the interest of those they manage; management never votes for smaller management.

Thus bishops rarely speak with the voice of their flocks and Ministers long ago lost touch with the party faithful. Even Labour – the imagined voice of the people - is largely at odds with the views and wishes of its core voters even as it bows to the might of the likes of Red Len McCluskey who wants, you guessed it, Big Unions.

Economies of scale work for large companies; they don’t work for countries. Being able to buy cheap in bulk only works if you don’t have to create entire new ministries to do the haggling and distribution. More government is always the wrong answer. So we need some new slogans: “Small is good, too.” “Be better, be British.” “Better out than in” and “Fuck right fucking off, the fucking lot of you!”

Come on then - wipe the smile of my face!

We should celebrate the culture of superiority - it's not racist to be right, it's not bigoted to be the best. Be British, buy British and bollocks to the bureaucrats. Of course, I’m pissing in the wind here because despite all the evidence you see every day you still think the answer to government incompetence is more government. It’s just not. Go back to looking after number one first and you’ll soon see the rewards. Stop blaming others for your failures and you might find success. Little Englander? You’d better believe it.


  1. We need YOU heading politics in this country right now!
    Ps I don't meam that pig face in the photograph.

  2. Good piece Batsby, my take on Qatada is they should let him out of prison, take away his protection, take away his benefits or cut them to a capped £26k and make his private address known to all & sundry.

    If that were to happen he will be on a plane on his own steam to another country within hours if not days.

    Let the people decide how long he stays, I am sure they will hasten his travel arrangements.

    1. He's not a British citizen. He's not an EU citizen. Surely he is entitled to no benefits whatsoever. Evict him, withdraw his national insurance number and let him survive on the streets.

    2. gotta be the right thingto do and if anyone assistshim aside from a bit of bread and water should be given very very careful scrutiny as to their motives.

  3. When you write your best blog entries, you are in a certain mood. Try to hold that mood forever.

    This is a classic.

    You are of course, competely correct, and the suggestion above by The Purpleline is a sound idea.

    1. Oh, I don't need to be in a certain mood - this is stuff I've had half a century to mull over, so I know where I stand. My world would be very much simpler and everybody would understand that any government offering you something for nothing would be lying. It' up to you and you alone to sort your shit out.

      I'm betting we wouldn't even get the likes of Abu coming here in the first place.