Friday 26 April 2013

Evidence, Watson? What evidence?

The European Commission says there is no evidence migrant workers take jobs from locals. No evidence? If that is the case then everywhere that migrant workers serve coffee, sweep streets, pick crops and clean offices there must be virtually no young people without work. Or is that just the wrong sort of evidence?

Or, if the numbers of British unskilled workers on the dole isn't evidence that migrant workers take jobs, particularly unskilled jobs, from locals, what exactly is it evidence of? Because no matter how you lie and spin, it's pretty tangible evidence of something, isn't it? There they are, not doing the sort of jobs anybody can do, yet the Eurocrats see no problem with that because it's better than it is in some other places.

Tony Blair was ushered into power after two decades of growth and rising prosperity for all who would look themselves in the mirror and decide to do better. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING was cheaper than it had ever been in real terms. Ordinary people owned homes, took foreign holidays as a matter of course and owned goods of hitherto unimagined luxury and sophistication An entire generation who had never seen a Labour government wanted even more; they wanted a slice of the new Cool Britannia. (Anybody remember Harold Wilson cosying up to The Beatles?)

A mere thirteen years later, after a disastrous stewardship of the economy, a reluctantly nominated coalition was elected to right the wrongs. But of course, they can't. We have no say in the matter and if the EU Politburo says we must redistribute the workers so that everybody can own slaves from former Eastern Bloc, then so be it. The EU needs to allow poorer and poorer countries entry to our labour markets because somebody has to pay to keep the young people of richer countries idle, while those with money flee to fairer tax regimes.

The last statement of that article is telling: "Only 1.1 per cent of working age Britons - 330,000 workers - are currently employed in other EU countries." In other words, free movement of Labour only works in one direction. No evidence that unrestricted migration lowers wages, keeps people trapped in welfare, lowers standards, causes strife and actively increases xenophobia? If the EU says it, we must see it. 

You know the bastards are winning when they can look you in the face and tell you the sky isn't blue, the earth is above you, you are happy and joyful, comrades, and despite the evidence of your very eyes you've never had it so good.


  1. Tulip food(AKA Danish bacon and bacon suppliers to most supermarket in their liveries) in Bodmin (down the road from me) advertise for workers in job centres and recruitment agencies in Portugal and no one can ever find an advert for them in the UK. If you go to their website, they will tell you to email if you are interested in working for them and they will always tell locals that they have no vacancies. All their work is through agencies - almost all of their employees are migrant workers. Interfish in Plymouth does the same and doesn't advertise locally and I've known people walk up to the fish packing plant, in need of work and were turned away because they didn't recruit direct. It's an odd way to run the country?!

    1. Except, of course, nobody really runs Britain independently at all. We are all part of the big socialist super-state of Europe. For better or for worse... much worse.

  2. A funny thing happened in my Local the other night.
    The Hungarian barmaid, having been here for 3 years, has found herself to be pregnant. She and her Rumanian boyfriend are no doubt over the moon at the good news.
    This didn't stop her voicing a complaint about her recent treatment by the NHS to one of our more right-of-thinking locals, who promptly suggested that if she wasn't happy with the NHS, she could always return to Hungary and register with her local GP instead.

    Suffice to say he no longer drinks there.....