Friday, 5 April 2013

Oh no! It's Owen Again!

I didn't study Politics and Psychobabble at the University of La-de-bleeding-dah, but I didn't need a degree in name-calling to pass through education into gainful employment where I have resided ever since the nineteen seventies. Picking up tools, producing real things, turning a profit and by and large contributing to the economy is an excellent vantage point to observe that the devil does indeed make work for idle hands to do.

At ‘street level’ this means simple benefit fraud, a bit of light theft, casual smuggling, counterfeiting and the cultivation and dealing of illegal substances. Among the alumni of the London School of Busybodies it takes the form of the study and furtherance of cults[sic]. At least it looks like it. Who knows the truth behind The Frankfurt School, Common Purpose, the Bilderberg Group, Demos, The Fabians, et al? One thing’s for sure; wherever the left gather there will be plenty of theoretical politics.

What the Philpott case has revealed is the utter desperation of a policy-free Labour Party and the callow opportunism of its cheerleaders. It is so much easier to rail against success than to achieve it; so much simpler to hate than to cooperate. While the media has naturally focused on the lurid lifestyle of the odious man, outraged rhetoric has been hotting up on… er just one side.

You can’t help but notice how those in the centre ground – there really is no ‘right wing’ in British politics - tend to calmly carry on, accepting the bad news then resuming their best endeavours, doing what they can to reduce the size of the shit pile. George Osborne’s response, after making it clear that Philpott’s crimes were his alone, was to echo what many millions of ordinary people feel – that questions should be raised about this sort of lifestyle.

“Questions should be raised”? From Ed balls’ spluttering hysterical response you might think he’d proposed the slaughter of the innocents in Bethlehem as, red-faced and foaming with outrage, he denounced the Chancellor’s perfectly reasonable and well considered words as exploiting a tragedy for political gain. It was hilarious – has Ed ever considered a career in pantomime? (Oh yes, he should!)

The left wing press went into overdrive to echo the cry with a great wailing and a gnashing of teeth and gallons of spittle flew across the land as various commentators rolled out their finest faux fury to hurl the same accusation – 'how very dare' the Nasty Tories exploit a tragedy like this? Oh, the irony.

Twitterrati in full flow

Any minute now they’ll get the Boy Wonder, Owen Jones on the telly… and there he is. And there. And there! He stated on Twitter that had the evil government not been so vile he wouldn’t have had to be on telly at all. Had to be? Oh Owen, your hunger for exposure would shame an X-Factor retread!

If anybody is using this event to further political objectives it is surely the opposition who have never grasped that simply saying no and stamping their feet at every single government policy is just silly. Rolling out The Jones to do a Violet Elizabeth Bott to order on the telly box does them no favours whatsoever. Because more and more people are recognising that many of the things they denounce became entrenched during labour’s wasted riding of the no-more-boom-and-bust years.

So I have a challenge for Owen – the biggest foot-stamper out there. Iain Duncan Smith has worked tirelessly to understand the problems of Britain’s society at large and through the Centre for Social Justice has made positive steps to bring about change for the good of all. How about, instead of ranting about £53 a week challenges, you actually listen – I mean really listen – to what he has to say and divert some of your time away from your own media career to work with him?

Borrowed time, Owen?

Your time in the sun may be short-lived and there are only so many times you can say “demonise” and pass it off as original thought. If you truly want to improve more than just your bank balance then swallow your Marxist pride, shake the man’s hand and roll up your sleeves.


  1. The ability of Labour to almost implode with stupidity is breathtaking... but they just can't quite manage it. Close, but no cigar. They still, despite their astonishing unthinking pronouncements, crafty switches and blithering ineptitude have legions of supporters. People who for reasons beyond anyone's understanding who lived through the 13 years of Blair and Brown (and Miliband and Balls), fail to see that socialist governments never do anything to help the ordinary person.

    They say they do, and they say it loudly. Then time after time the likes of Labour (and its bigger friends in Europe) fail to help the man and woman on the street.

    For some reason, saying they do is enough for the likes of young Owen to get excited. But perhaps he is too young to remember all the damage that NuLab did in its time.

    The sad thing is that NuLab, or its newly shaped look, will be seen again, when once again we will see Labour fail to understand or help. So, from 2015 if Miliband and his strange mates do succeed, Owen's media time will dip as even he may be rendered speechless. Of course, the still-young Owen may then still be able for a while to attack the 'damage' that Cameron and his mates did but as that fades with more and more Labour waste and lunacy he will fade to a memory.

    Unless the boy stands for a Labour seat, in which case he can help make everyone's life a financial misery once more.

  2. When I first came across Owen Jones (on BBC QT) I could not really believe that such a young child could really come out with such left wing drivel and I still don't really think he is anything other than something dreamed up by a left wing ideological think tank as a spitting image puppet to draw reaction without involving the "real" politicians edmilliband edballs etc "He's not real"!

  3. err I am now not actually sure that edballs is real either.

    1. Ed Balls is not real. You've spotted the join. He has the face of a Marxist Bagpuss stitched onto the still twitching corpse of an old Labour worthy and stuffed with the thin gruel of their economic policy. He's just a puppet!

    2. therealguyfaux8 April 2013 at 20:50

      Ed Balls in panto? He'd be a natural! I've never seen anyone who was more the horse's arse than he is!

  4. A brilliant read. Kinda what I said here:

  5. Owen Jones and Mick Philpott - the New Labour poster boys!


  6. The left would never use someone's death to propagate their agenda…

  7. This is the first time I've read your blog. It's excellent and shatters the 'guru-image' of the oleaginous little boy.

    1. Thank you. I'm here most days of the week, weather permitting. And if you don't like these opinions, I have others! [Groucho Marx]

  8. Does anyone else get the impression that Owen doesn't understand half of what he's saying and doesn't think about it before unleasing his outrage on the public? Who is it that invites him onto BBCQT and the like, anyway? He contributes leftist propaganda parrot-fashion, as if it's scripted. He makes elementary mistakes and doesn't get it when it's pointed out to him. He doesn't seem to understand or consider implications of what he's saying and it makes him look a complete clown. It's acutely embarrassing to watch his tantrums and fall over his hypocrisy. I wish they'd allow him to fade into the background, he's pretty pointless.