Monday 1 April 2013


Seriously? You fell for that?

And hey, if it's after noon, you didn't get the link from me! More fool you! Fool me once.. er fool me again.... won't get fooled again! Treat yourself and click the linky~~>  George Dubya Bush.


  1. Wot ????!!!!

    When I saw this blogpost was labelled " Seriously ?" I was hoping for your take on the big " News" item yesterday that............the brunt of benefit cuts will be falling on those in receipt of benefits "

    Well, DUH.

    The previous Labour government and the loons posing as the shadow cabinet ( yes, Ed Balls, I mean YOU ) have turned me from a born and bred Labour voter to a potential fascist.......that or UKIP anyway.

    1. As Tony Blair said" Propaganda, propaganda, propaganda!"