Monday, 14 October 2013

Muslamic Ray Guns

Almost 40 years ago I spent a weekend with a school friend at his aunt & uncle’s place in Brentford. A lovely welcoming couple and a happy home; for us it was a staying-over arrangement to research the London galleries for A-Level Art History. All went well until one day we found ourselves in the company of just the friendly uncle – we’ll call him Bill, because I've forgotten his real name – who, apropos of nothing, asked us if we believed in evolution.

Over the years I have several times had interesting conversations come to an abrupt halt when the earnest interlocutor asked something similar. Fuck, they look and sound just like us! Up until that fateful point, Uncle Bill had been talking about footie but in a single bound he had leaped from the safety of sport to the insanity of intelligent design. It’s the surprise of the thing; the sudden realisation that you have been talking to an imposter; from Spurs to the coelacanth and how God had put it there as a puzzle for science.

And there, in a nutshell is the anti-logic of religion. Uncle Bill wasn't a paedophile, he wasn't a gangster and he would no more beat up his wife and kids than would anybody else of rational and law-abiding British stock. But there and then he revealed to my teenage self that the deranged walk among us whether we know it or not. No rational argument would sway him from his view that the world was about five thousand years old. At least he meant us no harm.

The same cannot be said for others though and in a departure from the traditional fifth columnist methodology of blending in, the islamists don’t even try to hide in plain sight. At every turn they flaunt their differentness; men in dresses walk the streets, grow scarily deranged beards and threaten to kill us. And we simply let them. This wouldn't be an issue for the stoic Brits, if they simply talked the talk, but they don’t; they also walk the walk and bomb the bomb.

Worse than do nothing, we allow the hate talk to continue under police protection yet seek to criminalise those who speak out. It seems it is perfectly acceptable to burn Union Flags, form your own Sharia militias and actively hassle and abuse gay people, courting couples and drinkers but it is entirely intolerable to so much as hold an adverse opinion on the effect of radical islam on our country. There are cities in the UK where any reasonable person would be forgiven for assuming they have been transported to a foreign and entirely alien and hostile land.

Why Labour thought we could absorb islam into British society when even Catholics are still held in suspicion is a mystery. In a largely secular society, where many church attenders pay mere lip service to their god, Catholicism’s insistence that children brought up in mixed Christianity households should be raised exclusively in the Catholic faith is extreme enough to largely prevent such unions. God* only knows how they thought the ushering in of a Middle Ages mentality would work. (*There is, of course, no such thing as god but at least, unlike islam, there is a rich Christian tradition of art in his honour, testament in the main to a belief in the benign, rather than the vengeful.)

Those who do try and start a dialogue are labelled immediately as racists and their cause is not helped by the idiotic and juvenile real racists who hop aboard the bandwagon. This YouTube clip epitomises how the politically liberal classes wish the EDL to be portrayed. The moron being interviewed, no doubt to the inner hilarity of the inquisitor, doesn't actually say ‘ray guns', it’s a rather more sobering ‘rape gangs’, but too late, the damage is done.

Tommy Robinson founded the English Defence League out of the frustration of seeing his home town accepting defeat at the hands of what many millions of others also see as an unwelcome invasion, brought about partly by New Labour’s cynical multicultural revolution but also by islam’s fevered determination for world dominance; dominance over all things in the name of something with absolutely zero provenance, has caused strife wherever it has prevailed and preaches death and eternal damnation to unbelievers.

But despite Tommy’s eloquence in debate and the fact that he authentically represents the views of ordinary decent people, his message is overshadowed by the idiots and those who seek to present fear as racism. He appeared on the BBC’s Sunday Morning Live yesterday and charmed even Esther Rantzen with his sincerity as he explained why he had turned his back on the movement he had founded.

I like Tommy Robinson and I respect his restraint. If he can truly strike up a dialogue with ordinary muslims – and there are many intelligent, secular people raised in the muslim faith, who just like we Brits pay only lip service to a cultural tradition – he deserves our support. But some of his former followers are now calling him an imposter, a turncoat, a convert to islam, a media-brainwashed dupe. I hope for all our sakes that they’re wrong.


  1. I think he's been got at.

  2. The bloke in your clip is not the most eleoqent of people (who ran the school he went to? would that be the 'politically liberal classes' who you say would condemn him?). But he is a british citizen, he can vote, and has a view as valid as anyone elses, a very understandable view - that strangers are moving in and trying to change his enironment for their benefit over his, with out his consent, and he doesn't like it.

    1. Oh, absolutely. But he has been set up, I believe, by the interviewer to portray the whole of that body of opinion as ill-informed, racist and downright detestable... and a bloody good job of it he does! This allows the MSM to portray that sentiment as ugly and dangerous and aggressive and allows them to partly justify their defence of the equally ignorant islamist stance.

    2. Sure you got the right clip? nothing in that clip is racist - the bloke clearly means 'shria law', and doesn't want it imposed on him.

      The prejudice 'political liberal classes' may like to laugh at people whose vocablary is not as honed as theirs, but it doesn't devalue what such people think - and it is a reflection of the education system they have imposed on such people!

  3. A Columbus Day Weekend demo in Washington DC, conducted by veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, to protest the political theatre of Obama's having declaried national memorials to war dead off-limits to visitors during the "shutdown," was largely ignored by MSM, who, if they covered it at all, printed a photo of a demonstrator (who may even have been a "plant") waving the Confederate flag, to show how the oppostion to Obama was clearly racist, of course.

    Never mind that, out of a few thousand who attended, only ONE person displayed a Confederate flag-- which hardly proves the point-- even if that WAS a legitimate protester.

    Mutatis mutandis EDL, UAF, all sorts of Islamic radicals-- aren't the MSM always in mote-and-beam mode when it comes to the coverage of these groups?

  4. What is wrong with a scarily deranged beard?

    You're not being beardist are you?


    1. Yours is just big. You haven't adopted it as a sign of your faith... you're just a lazy bastard! :o)