Tuesday 8 October 2013

Save the Mail!

Nobody can seriously doubt that racism is an industry today, offering job opportunities at least the equal of anything the private sector can offer. Along with multiculturalism, politicised feminism, the unattainable nonsense of equality (often uttered as a component of the oxymoronic phrase “equality and diversity”) the whole racist narrative has become just another socialist fabrication; twisting words to frame others as uncivilised, un-‘progressive’, unworthy to hold any position of authority.

Michael Heseltine openly and clearly stated last week that UKIP is a racist party. Yet walk into most public houses with a regular clientele and you will find plenty of Labour voters who quietly and traditionally believe in the supremacy of British values over those of others. Visit a gentlemen’s club and likewise, Michael Heseltine’s peers whilst outwardly avoiding the question will harbour happy memories of when ‘playing the white man’ was a perfectly acceptable way of describing honourable behaviour. All parties must therefore be racist as framed by the race industry because all parties are peopled by humans beings.  

But so completely has the establishment swallowed the line that mere recognition of difference is racism and racism of any kind is a pernicious evil that nobody is allowed a dissenting view. When UKIP’s Amjad Bashir was invited on The Daily Politics to reply to Heseltine’s charge, Jo Cobourn and her guests were already predisposed to attack him for his party's racism rather than accept that his selection as a candidate MEP was visible evidence to the contrary and preferred instead to defend the EU fifth columnist Heseltine from any criticism. No wonder they all hate the Daily Mail.

Newly reinvented ex-alcoholic, ex-warmonger, ex-bully, ‘Saint’ Alistair Campbell said on Newsnight, that the Daily Mail represented “ The worst of British values posing as the best” in his spirited support of Ed Miliband in the good fight against their coverage of his father’s values. The DM’s response? “Campbell – who has spent the past week touring the airwaves venting his spleen at this paper – was the very architect of the Labour lie machine that has so poisoned the well of political discourse in this country.” Who do YOU believe?

Words are the weapons of politics; words and short memories. Thank goodness for the Daily Mail and its mission to tell the stories largely unencumbered by adherence to the socialist style book. While flying the flag for freedom of speech the left always want to shut down the dissenting voice. So much so that they could be American – no sense of irony whatsoever. And why shouldn't the Mail have an agenda? The left is perfectly happy with the political distortions of The Guardian and the Daily Mirror; surely they couldn't hold double standards? Perish the thought.

The Campbelliban in action

The way I see it, if the leftist machine is outraged enough to flood the airwaves with baseless and distracting accusations of racism, sexism, islamophobia, or just bad taste then the Daily Mail must have touched a nerve. And in case you think that their fight against creeping socialist ideology is unjustified, just stop to think how it was the police themselves who persuaded the only person to complain about Alan Sugar’s iPhone tweet to make a statement. As the DM might say, “It’s political correctness gone mad!” Or, as I'd put it, "Racism, my arse!"


  1. I do so enjoy reading your blog Mr Battersby, this again is another excellent, thought-provoking entry.

    Michael Senile has now got to a stage in his life where he cannot debate. He get's frustrated because he can't find the right words fast enough, as many do at that time of life, so he plucks what he thinks is the ugliest example in order to close down debate. It's a behaviour so inherent with socialism, that it does make one wonder exactly what he believes. His standing against Margaret Thatcher caused an implosion within Conservative Party ideology, and it still hasn't recovered. He shouldn't be given such a stage, he becomes very embarrassing for intelligent people to listen to.

    We have got to be careful, not to avoid 'sleepwalking out of the EU', but to avoid socialism and communism slowly closing down avenues of free speech and choice. I believe, as you do, that we are already quite far down the road with this equality, diversity and race nonsense.

    When Margaret Thatcher was usurped in favour of social democratic idealism and Great British backbone, to follow a European federalist path, the UK was set on a extremely dangerous course.

    We are now seeing where it led with the riots, we see where it has led throughout Europe with uncontrolled unskilled immigration and the rise of right wing extremism, and we will see where it now leads trying to re-train Labour's feral underclass that are largely unemployable, their lives wasted by equality, diversity and state benefits.

    A draw a positive that in this Country, we did have the sense to say 'no!' to a currency which had blatant fatal flaws from it's inception, and avoid the silent German invasion that blights so many of our European neighbours. I am also confident that we will again say 'no!', to a federalist EU which I fear is so obviously going to lead to more conflict, war and starvation, the very things it was meant to avoid.

    I'm just not sure at all that we will ever get that opportunity because as we know, communism doesn't favor freedom of choice.

    1. That annoys me when I read it back, and I think that's doesn't read right...

      The 'When Margaret Thatcher' paragraph doesn't read right, and I can't figure out what I've done wrong. What I wanted to say was Margaret Thatcher's GB backbone was replaced, but I don't think it says that.

  2. THIS, goes in some way to explain the muddle we're in.