Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Don't even think it - they're listening!

Yesterday’s blog was about the lengths people go to in order to construct something other than themselves to believe in, something to live their lives for… which they will then convince themselves is also worth dying for. Puny humans! I thought I was pointing my scathing finger at some of the hypocrisy of organised religion and political movements, from a position of extreme scepticism. I’ve always poo-poohed conspiracy theories, largely on the grounds that I’ve lived among all sorts of human beings and I reckon we’re nowhere near as crafty as we think we are. And I always – or at least I thought I did – look at most news stories with a degree of disbelief bordering on the neurotically suspicious.

So, imagine my surprise to be tweeted “Oh you are so, so stupid!” followed by “You believe everything the MSM report. It makes you appear daft!” accompanied by some picture ‘memes’ about government propaganda and manipulation of the media and being a modern slave to the consumer cult. For a fella who wants to retire to a retreat up a mountain, far away from the ludicrous chatter of the idle and ignorant I felt quite deflated. Blimey, I thought, maybe I have been manipulated and the government cups me in the palm of their collective, controlling hand. Maybe I only think I’m an independent thinker and all of my many, many blogs dismissing the gullibility of those who slavishly follow fashion, diktat, religion or blinkered ideology are the result of an invisible urge implanted by GlaxoSmithKline… or agents for the shadowy ‘them’.

So, let me try and understand this criticism because – unless I’m mistaken – the essence of impartial, scientific enquiry is to challenge everything and if my belief that I draw my own conclusions is spurious and I only imagine I have freedom of thought then we’re in big trouble. Because I look at the socialists, the religious, the childish copyists, the X-Factor wannabes and the conspiracy nutjobs down the length of a very long and cynical nose. I thought that I was almost the antithesis of gullible, believing in little I haven’t seen with my own ears; heard with my own eyes.[stet]

But now I know the truth: just like all the rest of you I am a mere tool of the system, a willing fool a useful idiot and an indoctrinated sheep; slave to the machine of state. Every thought I have ever had, every instinct I have ever followed, every factoid I have ever challenged… all just further proof of the extent to which I have been manipulated. To what purpose? To make it appear that there are dissenters, when in truth I am just a part of the plan? Are we all just pieces of the national jigsaw, neatly slotted into place in the big picture? Or am I just saying all this to make it look as if I’ve stumbled across the plot… or is that just what they want you to think I think?

Neo-ly there!
Wait! I see it clearly now...

I’m not going to say my challenger is wrong, besides I’m far too gullible to mount a reasoned defence of my own. If Carslberg did conspiracy theories? Then again, little does she know, that I know that she knows, that he knows that… where was I? But here’s the thing: if my thoughts are not my own, whose are they? I blame that bloody Matrix. (You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?)

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