Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Losing marbles...

The Higgs Boson, the so-called God particle. For the hard of thinking this is not a small spherical object whose discovery proves the existence of god; it’s not some supernatural, cosmic marble that somehow makes religion real. There is no god. Why am I so sure? Because despite the canonical fabrications of the Catholic church and the insistence by babbling maniacs who have spent solitary time tramping inhospitable deserts that they and they alone have been privy to the mind of the almighty, the total evidence for the omnipotent creator is a big fat zero. Nothing, zilch, nada… sweet fuck-all.

God is created in the minds of men, but all their fevered yearning for the heavenly father to be real has signally failed to cause him to materialise in any tangible form. He/she/it is a figment. Either fantastic or mundane neither the randomly interchangeable heads - crocodile, bird, elephant, serpent – nor the ‘image of man’ visualisations hold any water; he just ain’t there. But, as Voltaire said, if God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him, because humans are very, very stupid and can’t handle the notion of a life with, quite literally, no meaning.

Odd though that those same human animals can quite easily dismiss the life of other animals as eminently disposable; pests, vermin, competitors for living space or food. Life is sacrosanct… but oh so tasty; hypocrisy much? But the craving for reason also ushers in an inevitable gold rush; feeding on the gullibility that accompanies the need is a millennia-long history of shamans and charlatans, inventing doctrine on the hoof, much as a politician creates policy to order in pursuit of a living. And what a living!

Making sense of the incoherent is work that can only be carried out by people with no other talent but one for invention. So-called ‘scholars’ of religions are nothing more than story-tellers unable to resolve the plot; weavers of the divine soap opera where every new episode brings drama but nobody ever learns a thing and nobody ever grows out of their two-dimensional character. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? How many virgins await the martyr? How much more fantastic do the story lines have to get before we all reach Nirvana, by which I mean enlightenment?

And by enlightenment I mean apostasy; total rejection of the idiot doctrines of the voodoo, the mumbo-jumbo and all the claptrap spouted by all the religions throughout the written ages and beyond. Yesterday David Cameron gave his much-hyped ‘get tough’ speech about ‘islamist radicalisation’ but he couldn’t bring himself to say what needed to be said. The root cause of all religious radicalisation is religion itself; a primitive urge among the less advanced of our number who are incapable of seeing simple reality. I have no need to demonstrate that your god does not exist; every day on planet earth produces yet another several-billion pieces of evidence that he doesn’t and not a single one that he does; in scientific terms that’s close to conclusive; it's mankind's longest experiment.

Religion - practically the definition of insanity.
Buddy Bin Laden: "We keel you!"

Oh but, Shiny Dave doesn’t want to ‘alienate the muslim community’? (That’s code for 'scare away potential voters’ by the way.) In that case why single out one religion for approbation? Why not outlaw the lot of them then? Oh, of course Dave, you have to pretend that you believe in ‘our’ god, don’t you. It’s okay though, as far as I can discern it is still only a few million adherents of one particular faith who are regularly murdering people and declaring painful death to the west and last time I checked it wasn't the Anglicans.

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