Tuesday, 14 July 2015

EU can not be serious!

So what was the point, eh? Greece rejects the terms of the bailout only to be given harsher ones. Germany, the Wonga of the EU, carves up the family jewels and sells them to its mates and then Juncker, in a fit of pique over the inevitable Nazi jibes, tears up the supposed ‘agreement’ that David Cameron thought he had secured, for a UK opt-out of assisting further Euro-zone bailouts. The pattern is clear and increasingly familiar; whatever you do, you can’t leave the mob once you marry-in. If there ever was a case for allowing a default and run, Greece was it.

But no, even if it bankrupts the lot of us, they WILL remain under the yoke. The EU is actually punishing the Greeks and their children and their grandchildren for the sins of their profligate ruling class and the bandits they did business with; making them an offer they can never refuse. I thought the purpose of the EU was to prevent strife? (Actually, I never did. And in my recollection that was never a stated aim in the early days, rather one confected and trotted out to quell more recent dissent whenever we ingrates got uppity. He who controls the past…)

It’s not because they care, is it? The Greek referendum, they say, is not a binding tool of government. They have a representative democracy, they say, so they can always elect another bunch of representatives. The referendum was no more than an exercise in consultation, they say, seeking the mandate of the masses, which was swiftly ignored. Meanwhile Tsipras, hanging upside down in the meat store, had it explained to him exactly what was going to happen, like or not.

Greece going on a national strike is hardly likely to change a thing; populations are powerless as the EU’s naked ambition is starkly revealed. Ever closer union appears to be code for ever more distant separation between rulers and the ruled. If the Greek experience is anything to go by, national governments are mere administrators for a central unelected class of Eurocrats who wield the real power. Remember, just as Nick Clegg insisted they were not? Just as David Cameron insisted they were not. Just as Blair and Mandelson and every politician since Maggie was ordered to say they were not.

The fall of Athens

Strikes will do nothing more than hurt the very people who are staging them. But how long before we smell the burning brands of mass violence and feel the sharp tines of pitchforks raised in anger? From our comfy position in front of the telly we watch and wait for the outcome. The Greeks may be on their streets in protest today, but how long before the troops are sent in and the beatings begin? Too far-fetched? The rule of despots is only ever overturned by force and that process is always begun by the despots themselves. If we are not seeing the start of the overthrow of the EU then I pity us all. 


  1. Step by step, the world is going from bad to worse. Mark my words. It is all going to go very horribly wrong soon.

  2. I never for one second thought that this was anything other than a clever smoke and mirrors campaign anyway, so the end game doesn't particularly surprise me.

    1. Me neither, Chris, but I was curious to see just how blatant they would be. It is clear now that the EU is confident it has all its members firmly and irrevocably bound and only armed conflict is likely to change that.
      Creeping socialism... soon to be followed by charging sharia.