Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Black looks

Good old Lee Jasper is off on one again. Bless his little cotton socks – made, no doubt, from the bitter buds picked by the bent backs and arthritic hands of his slave ancestors in the cotton fields of Oldham. ‘Mammy, he’p me! When cayn mah people be free?’ His one big idea – and bear with me if you’ve heard this one before – is that only white people can be racist. Like the lunatic in Dark Side of the Moon he’s been mad for fucking years. Raving mad.

He’s written this delightful new blog about the suffering of his people, in which he asserts “The perennial debate about what constitutes racism is a deeply contentious issue and nowhere more so, than here in Britain. Take a cursory look at online debates about racism on any given day and you will see just what sound and fury is unleashed anytime this issue is debated.” Yes Lee, mostly by you and people like Yasmin Alibhai-Brown who seem to spend all of their time banging on about how disgusting white people are.

He believes whitey is “bent out of shape [because] they believe I’m the spawn of the devil as a result of [my] uncompromising stance on fighting racism.” Of course he and his tribe of assorted malcontents are simply doing Marx’s bidding and putting to the whip the consciences of those not fully formed or with a suggestive disposition. As a fellow propagandist, Goebbels himself would be proud of the way they repeat dogma until it becomes fact in their minds, much as half of the children of Britain (according to a recent survey) now seem to want to give homosexuality a go. Life could get interesting; brace yourself, kids.

Bent out of shape, Lee? Amused, more like. I’m pretty sure Ali G was meant to be a parody but when you read “as a nation, we are racially illiterate, confused and in deep denial [because] of slavery and colonialism and a deeply held shame and guilt [about] Britain’s past, [driven] by unacknowledged guilt and the base irrationality of racist sentiment combined with historical denial and a reductive view of racism producing a toxic psychology, blinded by prejudice and politics that drives them to bizarre and contradictory absurdities.” You realise the psychosis runs deep.

He don’t ‘alf go on, blacksplaining away that “Rationality, common sense, reasonable debate, objective facts all leave the room once the debate turns to racism or immigration.” Seemingly unaware that in fact we all metaphorically left the room as soon as this pseudo-intellectual discourse began to dribble forth, much as most of us do when the feministas get going. Who is frothing at the mouth, Lee? From where I’m sitting you seem to be increasingly preaching only to yourself and a small band of the already persuaded.  But keep going son; you’ll get the confused white kids to black up in solidarity pretty soon.

He states “As a black man of African descent and a veteran campaigner against racism for over 30 years I’ve always been crystal clear about my own views on what racism means.” Which, as a Mancunian of mixed Irish/Jamaican descent, with an olive complexion, suggests he’s not entirely crystal clear about anything very much.

I see racism, Bro'. What's your point?

His favourite chant is that “Racism is prejudice plus power reflecting the specific historic, economic, cultural and geographic context to which the term is applied.” And thus continues to his climax by repeating that “Black and Asian people in US UK and Europe cannot be racist. I rest my case.” Case? What case? A bunch of half-baked rants painting the world in the colour of the prejudice he wants to see, like a petulant child railing against reasonable parents. Lee Jasper’s stance makes him look like an anti-white racist with a massive chip on his shoulder. Maybe it’s because he’s not really black?