Monday, 24 August 2015

The New Normal?

Arriving at the hotel last night I found myself besieged with little slitty-eyed yellow people in such numbers as to make Prince Phillip’s temples twitch. He would have been in his hilarious element as they literally teemed about the place, chattering loudly in an incomprehensible tongue. I was tempted to say ‘swarmed’ but I believe that is now on the banned list. We need prodigious new phrase-coiners just to keep pace with the rate of word banning; people like Kathy Lette... even if she is a bloody foreigner. To some concerned citizens, those last two words alone are enough to condemn me as a racist. A vile racist, if you will.

But like every taunt and every pejorative label, overuse leads to the dulling of its blame-spreading blade. Racism, as a hate adjective (hatejective?) has been stretched so thinly of late, applied to words and deeds with no malicious intent and with ever more flimsy justification that the word has become meaningless. The offended have to deploy increasingly more powerful lenses to see hate in place of humour and infer fascism from an expression of fear.

Like running to the newspapers with the latest evidence that the British have become... exactly what the British and all sovereign nations have always been – concerned about our culture. At first glance the Wetherspoons’ poster ‘scoop’ is just an everyday story of pub-going folk: A concerned citizen goes into the pub with his moderate muslim friend only to be shocked, nay violated, by the presence of a hate-filled poster suggesting that those who don’t share our values don’t belong here. The bedwetting Guardianistas were all over it, but wasn’t it all a little ‘convenient’?

For a start, it’s not even remotely racist except by the sensitive standards of those who seek hurt from every quarter. Notwithstanding the long-established truth that islam isn’t a race and its own truly bigoted poison has infiltrated populations of many origins, wasn’t it somehow handy he had a ‘muslim friend’ with him on behalf of whom he was able to get offended. And isn’t there an element of racism in his assumption that said friend would share his feelings and thus “we were so upset by it we were forced to leave”?

What a long article, too, for such a short and insignificant event and yet I didn’t bother to alert the national press on Friday when I was treated to the left-handed, ‘dirty’ handshake of contempt by a member of the  supposedly oppressed minority. When snarling, raging, blood-lusting enemies of the west are free to demonstrate and demand the ritual death of their hosts and a return to tribal primitivism, an A4 poster with the perfectly reasonable suggestion that if you don’t like it you could always fuck off ought, surely, to be posted in every pub in the land. In transgression terms it barely ranks alongside the old bar postcard that read “Please do not ask for credit as refusal often offends.”

The only offensive thing here is the redaction.

What will the useful idiots do now that ‘racism’ is rumbled, now that its value is so low that they need to issue a new higher-value currency? The R-word no longer has the power to silence because it has been abused as surely as have many of those against who it has been used. If resisting the incursion of an ideology which expressly seeks to eradicate all dissenters is racist then a synonym for ‘racism’ could easily be ‘normal’. Oh, I forgot; ‘normal’ is now a hatejective too.


  1. You always write superb non PC articles and this is yet another one. I do not believe I am a racist nor that you are just that we believe that we should call a spade a spade (no doubt the thought police will decide I am using a derogative pun here). In that I mean that debate should not be shut down just because the truth hurts. Debate and open uncensored debate will in the long run open all to their faults and virtues and clear out misconceptions and myths. It can make harmonious relations between groups with different ethnicity, faith, race and the indigenous population much easier to accomplish. It will promote understanding of each others hopes, aspiration and fears and better how all can address them.

    Perhaps lefties fear the truth in that it will open peoples eyes to the dangers that the left are trying to keep from them and will destroy them and that it will encourage us to send the culturally incompatible to the indigenous population foreigners they support and who support them packing. That would be as good any an explanation as any as to why the lefties behave the way they do with antagonism, thought policing and other totalitarian actions. And of course they want to keep and build their power base to support their lefty ideology that would turn our country into a shit hole not unlike the shit hole countries their foreign friends have escaped from.