Wednesday 12 August 2015

Praise de Lo’d!

Sod the EU and its open borders. In fact sod the EU, full stop. But, say the yessers, the EU has kept the peace in Europe for half a century. Has it bollocks, we chorus, Germany was beaten then hobbled, France never recovered from its collaborationist episode and the eastern countries were kept in check (Czech, geddit?) by Mother Russia. In fact if anything it was the cold war, tight border controls, the lack of internet and the looming threat of over-hyped nuclear Armageddon wot done it. It kept the busybodies busy protesting, creating putative Jeremy Corbyns, and it kept the centre-right on their toes; a healthy mistrust of your neighbour is a far better defence than all this multi-culti-all-in-it-together-joining-hands nonsense.

Back when we all knew our place we also had a far better idea of how things would turn out. Secure in the knowledge that mighty militaries flexed their muscles and sneaky intelligence services snooped about on our behalf we mostly just got on with life and tried to make the most of what we’d got. Now we have ridiculous notions of enforced ‘fairness’ and ‘equality’ (both of which we had in spades long before it got enshrined in law) neither of which is fair or equal to those who have it inflicted upon them. Diversity breeds resentment and the ridiculous funding of various forms of ‘research’ and ‘outreach’ is just another way of making the blameless pay for their own punishment.

Outside the lofty enclaves of the wilfully blind ‘liberal intelligentsia’, who show scant evidence of either, Britain is fed up to the back teeth of not only being forced to endure what is, by any measure, an unwanted infestation of undesirables, but also of being branded bigots if we dare utter a syllable in opposition to the socialist doctrines of ‘bend over and take it like you are in the British care system’. And as if to rub our face still further in the helplessness of it all, Songs of Praise does its own bit of outreach and seeks to humanise the wretched Calais ‘Jungle’ by visiting the makeshift chapel that is representative of a tiny minority of this ‘tiny’ minority of several thousand mostly muslim mobsters. Onward Christian Soldiers?

Meantime Kos is getting lively with their unwelcome visitors outliving any last vestige of welcome that yet remained. And riots and ‘civil unrest’ by African immigrants beset Barcelona; what message do they think they send about their future integration into civilisation? Were I a refugee I’d like to think I’d behave with the dignity and gratitude befitting somebody throwing themselves on the mercy of an unprepared and nervous populace; a quiet acceptance that this is charity and resettlement takes time... and that machetes are not the best way of displaying an aptitude for western living. It is little wonder, then, that the Germans want to reintroduce border controls. It is hard to suppress a frisson of I-told-you-so: Sieg-Halle-Lujah! Time for the machine gun posts also? You haff ze papers, jah?

Passport? Passport? I have a machete!
The ugly truth about 20th Century migration.
This picture cannot be shown too widely.

Europe is under siege and under threat. It is the avowed intent of islam, having fucked Africa and the Middle East, to move up to the big leagues and fuck all of civilisation. It is the avowed intent of the displaced to make homes in the west, whatever the cost to their hosts. And what do western governments do? They preach about tolerance and integration and turning the other cheek, but it’s not their arse that gets spanked, it’s ours. You want a solution to the migration ‘crisis’? Then forget the human rights bollocks, call it what it is - an invasion - and get repelling. Because until we treat this threat to civilisation as seriously as the war it will inevitably become, we might as well just paint targets on each and every one of us. 


  1. another brilliant "tell it like it is " analysis

  2. Yup. Spot on.

    And the elites aren't even bothering to hide it. Look up Peter Sutherland, ex head of Goldman Sachs and now UN Migration chief saying it's his duty to "undermine the homogeneity of nation states"

    The elites have decided that Nationalism causes wars and thus they are going full bore to smash said states into bits. Of course living in their rarefied air they won't have to deal with the consequences. And that in our weakened states, we won't be able to resist the next activity that fucks us over.

  3. unwanted infestation of undesirables
    My favourite phrase. Ever.