Thursday 6 August 2015

Jungle Drums

Egads, the natives are restless! Or should that be the non-natives? It does seem that high-profile, unsavoury goings-on feature rather too prominently among those whose origins may not lie in these green and pleasant lands. What is it, I wonder, about human nature that sees people transplanted from drab, restrictive, repressive regimes quickly becoming bellowing, demanding entitlement junkies? Maybe going from no-speech to free-speech they involuntarily gorge on it until they become delirious and insist we try what they once had; a gag.

Katie Hopkins has, by all accounts, been questioned for ‘inciting racial hatred’ because of an article written from the heart about three months ago. The article, in which she openly expressed the views of – I absolutely bet – a clear majority of ordinary British people was reported to police by Peter Herbert, the Chairman of the Society of Black Lawyers, described in Wikipedia as a ‘barrister and political activist’. (Say no more. No, really...) Three months? I wonder how much pressure has been exerted to bring about the police action after such a long time. After all, it was in print in a national newspaper; it’s not as if there was any hidden evidence to uncover.

Meanwhile Camilla Batmobile’s charity, Kids Company has been closed down amid much muttering about how funds were used, although nobody dare say what they immediately thought on hearing the news. And Anjem ‘Andy’ Choudary has been arrested along with Mohammed Rahman for their tireless promotion of an organisation that unlike Katie Hopkins has actually threatened the death, dismemberment and vanquishing from the face of the earth all who don’t follow their idea of a good life. It took a couple of decades longer than three months though, and wasn’t it another Rahman who was involved in protracted and widespread electoral fraud without challenge for years? And don’t you dare mention the racial roots of the systematic rapists in Rotherham and elsewhere.

Of course the likes of Yasmin Ali-Baba Brownie will say we are simply racist for pointing any of this out. Just because they are brown, she will say, you nasty white people will fan the flames; white people do bad things all the time and it is noticeable that paedophilia is a majority white male crime. Very noticeable actually and in case you hadn’t been paying attention we have been publicly pursuing perpetrators for long-past historical instances of abuse. But still the prisons are ‘over-represented’ by people who are not called Smith or Brown or Jones and instead have monickers such as Adebolajo. Is it any wonder we’re a bit quick to believe the worst? What to do? (Answers on a postcard.)

In the jungle – the one in Calais - they are rioting to get into Britain and in the Med they are drowning in their attempts to overwhelm Europe, where they are wanted even less than the countries they are leaving. Literal swarms of Middle Eastern and African migrants like... well, very much like infestations of cockroaches, which is the word that seems to have upset those who get upset about such things. But as the Czech President made clear nobody invited them, yet here they all are. 

The Croydon Morris are recruiting new blood...
We come in peace, you racists!

Better the devil we know than the foreign devil we don’t, whose motives are muddled and whose morals and beliefs seem so incompatible with our own. This isn’t racism, this is fear; and by the evidence those fears do seem somewhat founded. Of course white people ‘do’ crime, some of it horrible, although generally stopping short of mass beheadings and routine clitoral mutilation. Maybe it’s that we just prefer our own, recognisable brands of criminality? And at least we can pronounce ‘Ted Heath’.