Sunday, 17 January 2016


The fake ‘deal’ is doing the rounds in pre-PR as various apparatchiks signal they may be prepared to accept David Cameron’s sub-optimal, unilateral ‘demands’ on Britain’s place in Europe. They are sounding out the reaction to them pretending to yield to Call-me-Dave’s irresistible negotiating skills; expect a blanket, if low-level coverage of the biggest non-event since Barry Manilow came out. This is merely the preamble to the final flourish when in February, Dave the Conjurer performs his trick and appears to pull a rabbit from the Euro-hat. A mangy, under-nourished, moulting rabbit with myxomatosis... and missing a lucky foot.

Meanwhile the plunge in the value of Chinese stocks market affecting western share values, together with a strong pound affecting exports plays right into the Europhiles’ wet-dream scenario  – ‘look how vulnerable we are’ goes the narrative ‘to jump ship now would be disastrous’. Don’t believe a thing, nothing has changed. And nothing will change; the EU is hell-bent on completing its mission even if it has to sacrifice all of its European values and traditions, if not actual human populations to do it. It will be an interesting race to see which comes first – Federal Europe, or Euro Caliphate – and I wouldn’t fancy calling the odds.

Don’t believe for a second, however, that voting to remain in the EU means maintaining any kind of status quo. The grip that Brussels has on us right now is already unacceptable; ever closer union means tighter bondage and anathema to lovers of freedom. If we do vote to remain we will assent to the acceleration of that process and we will be assimilated into the mire, directly subject to the hive-mind of the Eurocrats. Kicking and screaming will be irrelevant; we will relinquish home rule in a way that will simply not give us an option to leave again. Only bloody revolution would in future allow us to disengage from the matrix.

Representative democracy in the EU is a sham as all our barely-elected ‘representatives’ (do YOU know who your MEP is?) vote like sheep, like automatons, for whatever the unelected heads of the EU institutions put before them. They are unthinking rubber stamping machines for law after edict after regulation which further restricts the freedoms of individuals. The people the elected bods should be representing, we, are of course, beyond the pale. The lumpen proletariat of whom Marx was so fond; these are not your Islington intelligentsia but the horrible, clamouring needy, greedy masses, the sort of people any person seeking office would cross the road to avoid outside of election time. The great unwashed are the sort of people who need instructing in how to behave.

Those waving banners saying ‘immigrants welcome’ are nothing to worry about – the brainwashing has run deep in them; they will be no trouble. It’s the rest of us, the sensible majority who need fixing. Already the behaviour of ordinary citizens has moved away from allowing discretion and self-control and toward a system of statutes which decree what is acceptable; every ‘ism’ now has a criminal charge all ready to be deployed. You can say what you like about poor, white, straight folk, but woe betide those same who dare express fear or dislike. Policing by consent is steadily moving towards policing by force.

The sheep would have to vote against the dogs for Brexit to happen. But what if we did get a majority for common sense and self-determination? How long afterwards would EU lawyers decide the majority wasn’t large enough? Or the turnout insufficient? From past referendum performances it is entirely uncertain a Leave vote would be honoured and it is likely, with EU propaganda already arriving on people’s doorsteps, that the result would be overturned. Or the ballot re-cast. Ever closer union is what awaits us when we vote to remain. Unfettered, unchallenged. It would not surprise me in the least if the future involved the chipping and tracking of all individuals with summary trial and execution of sanctions without appeal becoming the norm.

The only way is out...

Organised opposition may not even be possible in future. Every minute aspect of your lives will be a matter of record – all public places surveilled from all angles, face recognition advanced to near 100% accuracy, voice recognition, iris scanning, automatic fingerprint scanning, number plate recognition. You won’t be able to take a shit without the NHS being instantly informed of your over-consumption of pies, by the internet of things working as spies in your home – spies that you have paid to take up residence. If you think that government rarely works for the people already, the EU future is not optimistic.  Don’t bother watching Big Brother. Big Brother is already watching you.


  1. We have problems keeping our own union intact because some people are waking up the fact that their self determination rights are now best served by localising government. Political union did serve the UK well but the growth in size and power of governments makes that no longer the case. So why would we want to be a part of a union that already is striping away our means of governing ourselves is over weaning and all powerful.

    It all points to us being a perverse lot who are very intellectually challenged. That must be the case as we know being in control of our own affairs through institutions that are close to us as possible is the best form of government then allow the very opposite to happen by wanting to remain a member of the EU. Even as a trading block the EU is redundant because of globalisation.

  2. Wasn't it Mikhail Gorbachev who likened the EU to the USSR in modern clothes?

    Of course, nobody listened then, just as they aren't listening now.